[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc

前のお客の忘れ物? / Mae no Okyaku no Wasuremono? / Something the Previous Guest Left Behind?
2 Days to Complete / 300 “Kizuna” Points / “A Woman’s Intuition” Panel Unlocked


[in Seirin’s room at the boardinghouse]

Koganei: Hey, guys! Listen! I found something amazing! Look, it’s just awesome!

Kagami: You’re really worked up. What happened, Koganei-senpai?

Koganei: Here, look at this! Check out this book!

Kagami: What the heck?! This is porn!

Hyuuga: Y…you actually brought a book like that to the training camp?!

Koganei: No, no, it was in the closet! A previous guest must have forgotten it!

Hyuuga: Whew…so that’s what happened. Get rid of it while you have the chance!

Koganei: Ehh, why? Let’s all pass it around and read it!

Izuki: Are you an idiot? Or do you have a death wish? If Coach sees that, you’re…

Koganei: Don’t worry about it! We just have to make sure she doesn’t find out—geh! [gets punched]

Riko: Who exactly…isn’t going to find out…?

Hyuuga: What incredible timing?! Is she an esper?!

Izuki: We’re under surveillance! We’re totally under surveillance!

Riko: So, who is the proud owner of this book? If you come clean, I’ll forgive you. …Kagami-kun?

Kagami: It’s not mine! I’m not interested in that stuff!

Riko: Could it be Kuroko-kun?

Kuroko: It’s not mine. Please stop making strange accusations.

Riko: Alright, what about the other freshmen?

Furihata: It wasn’t me!

Fukuda: I don’t know anything about it!

Kawahara: I’ve never even seen it before!

Riko: Then it’s one of you second years?!

Hyuuga: It’s…it’s not good to suspect comrades who’ve fought at your side. Besides, if it were me, I would’ve put it somewhere where you wouldn’t find it…

Riko: What?!

Hyuuga: Um…all I wanted to say is that the culprit isn’t one of us.

Riko: Then who brought it here?!

Izuki: I think a previous guest left it behind. He must have quite the pervasive collection of pervy books. (1) Hey, that was pretty good—

Riko: (glare)

Izuki: Ack!

Hyuuga: Now is really not the time for that…

Koganei: Sheesh, that previous guest sure is hopeless! He has such a thing for huge boobs…

[Riko deals another punch]

Riko: Bam!!

Koganei: Ooph! Why is it always me…?

Tsuchida: Koga was at fault just now… But we really weren’t the ones who brought it here. Right, Mitobe?

Mitobe: …! (nod) …! (nod)

Riko: If…if you’re all willing to go that far, then you might really be telling the truth…

Kagami: Wow, that’s incredible. Coach is calming down.

Kuroko: Our senpai have known each other for a long time, so they really understand one another.

Riko: …alright, I get it. Under any other circumstances, the person who brought something like this to our sacred training camp would get to do three times as much weight training… That’s what I want to say, but I’ll forgive you just this once.

Hyuuga: [happy sigh]

Riko: So you can just do twice as much.

Hyuuga: You haven’t forgiven us at all!

Kagami: Twice as much is plenty difficult…

Kuroko: Before she gets aggravated and makes it three times as much, let’s just be quiet and accept it.

Kagami: …you understand her pretty well yourself.

– –

Translation Notes:


– – –

オレの写真集がでるっスよ / Ore no Shashinshuu ga Deru ssu Yo / My Photobook Is About to Hit Stores
Kaijou Route
3 Days to Complete / No Points


[in Kaijou’s room at the boardinghouse]

Kasamatsu: Come to think of it, where’d Kise go? I know he was with us at dinner, but…

Hayakawa: If you(’re) looking fo(r) Kise, he said he went to do some modeling work!

Kasamatsu: Modeling work?

Kobori: We’re way up in the mountains, and he still has to do modeling work?

Hayakawa: He said he’d be back befo(re) it’s time to use the bath!

Kobori: It’s almost time, though. Oh, look, he’s back.

Kise: I’m back! Seems like I made it in time for the bath.

Kasamatsu: You were doing modeling work? That was fast. Are you done already?

Kise: Well, I had to take care of something related to my job, but I wasn’t doing modeling work, per se.

Moriyama: If you weren’t doing a photoshoot, then why did you have to go?

Kise: I had to do the final check on the sample my manager brought.

Moriyama: Sample? Of what?

Kise: Taa-daa!! A sample of this!! [displays Ryota photobook]

Kobori: Is that…your photobook?!

Kise: It hasn’t hit stores yet, so I’m not supposed to show it to anybody, but I’ll make a special exception for my senpai! Wanna take a look?

Kasamatsu: Why would I want to look at something like that?! I’ll punch you!

Kise: That’s so cruel! I brought it all the way here…

Moriyama: Well, a little look won’t hurt. I’m kind of curious, anyway. [starts flipping through the book] By the way, Kise…

Kise: What is it?

Moriyama: Are there any female models at your modeling agency?

Kise: Yeah, there are, but…

Moriyama: I see! So a fated meeting has been awaiting me all this time, so close at hand! Set up a group date next time!

Kise: We may work at the same agency, but I don’t cross paths with them much.

Kobori: Huh. I’ve gotta say, you look pretty cool in these photos.

Kise: I know, right? This angle’s my favorite! Well, it’s partially thanks to the cameraman’s skills, though.

Kobori: So cameramen have strengths and weaknesses, too?

Kise: I wonder. Rather, I think each one has a different theme in mind. Like one could want to take natural-looking photos, while another wants to take sexy ones.

Kobori: Sexy?!

Kise: [flips page] Ah, this is one of the “sexy” ones.

Kobori: I get it… So a flirty glance like that makes the photo sexier.

Hayakawa: Woah! The(re) a(re) some basketball photos, too!

Kise: Since my fans know I play basketball, we thought we’d include some photos from a “basketball scene”.

Hayakawa: The(re) a(re)n’t any photos of other players?!

Kise: Why would there be photos of other players in my photobook?

Kasamatsu: What the—?! What’s up with the dribble in this photo?! If you dribble like this, the other team could easily steal the ball and start a counterattack!

Kise: I can’t help it. It’s a photobook, after all. We weren’t trying to reproduce an actual basketball game—we were just trying to make the poses look attractive.

Kobori: Wait, don’t you think you could use this stance to pull off a fake?!

Kasamatsu: There’s no way. Besides, if you dribble that far away from your body…

Kobori: No, you have to turn this way, with the opponent over there… Ahh, this would be so much easier if we actually tried it. Come on, guys, we’re going outside. Hayakawa, bring a ball.

Hayakawa: Und(er)stood! Kise! Get psyched!

Kise: Eh? …um, what about the bath?

Moriyama: You’re supposed to take a bath after you exercise. C’mon, we’re heading out!

Kise: So I rushed back here for nothing…

– – –

身長アップ大作戦! / Shinchou Appu Daisakusen! / Our Big Plan to Get Taller!
4 Days to Complete / 170 “Kizuna” Points


[in Seirin’s room at the boardinghouse]

Kiyoshi: It’s critical that we adjust our movements as needed to suit ground battles versus aerial battles.

Hyuuga: We could just wing it, when the time comes. …wait, scratch that. But I can’t think of a plan or anything.

Kiyoshi: Jumping power is essential for an aerial battle, but as far as that goes, we can’t do much except rely on Kagami.

Hyuuga: That’s true, but height is another important factor to consider.

Izuki: We may be lacking in height as a team, but there’s no changing the fact that height is important in basketball. In reality, it makes a big difference.

Kuroko: It must be nice to be tall.

Kagami: What’s up, Kuroko? You jealous of how tall I am?

Kuroko: No, not particularly. But isn’t it better to be tall than short?

Kiyoshi: Except for you, everybody else from the “Generation of Miracles” is huge.

Kuroko: Akashi-kun isn’t that tall, though.

Koganei: I wish I was tall~! The world would look completely different.

Kiyoshi: I just had a great idea…

Hyuuga: Oh? It’s bound to be something ridiculous, coming from you, but let’s hear it.

Kiyoshi: We need a plan to increase the height of Seirin’s basketball team members!!

Hyuuga: Another idiotic idea…

Kiyoshi: Let’s all think about how we can get taller.

Koganei: I’ve heard you’ll get taller if you jump up and down.

Kiyoshi: Really?! But we already do a lot of that as it is…

Tsuchida: Athletes who play sports like volleyball are all really tall… What if height really is influenced by how often you jump?

Kiyoshi: …alright! Let’s all play volleyball!

Hyuuga: Hey, wait a sec!

Koganei: Volleyball, huh…? I wonder what it’d be like if we were a volleyball team.

Kiyoshi: Yeah. Mitobe and I would receive… Kuroko would toss, and… Kagami would attack.

Izuki: …I see. Receiving is like getting rebounds, and tossing is like passing… It’s actually pretty similar to basketball.

Koganei: Don’t ya think we might be pretty good at it?!

Hyuuga: Dumbass! The members of the volleyball team would be pissed if they heard you!

Kiyoshi: Come on, calm down, Hyuuga. Let’s think rationally about this.

Hyuuga: I was just going to say the exact same thing to you.

Kiyoshi: Well, there are high schools that borrow ancient martial arts techniques to use in their basketball practices… And we practice in the pool sometimes. There’s nothing weird about a basketball team that plays volleyball for practice!

Hyuuga: Nope, your reasoning is way off!

Kiyoshi: Ahh…this is a problem. What’re we going to use for the volleyball?

Hyuuga: Listen to me, damn it!

Koganei: Can’t we just make do with a basketball? Here, use this!

Kiyoshi: Alright. Kagami, attack!

Kagami: Eh? What am I supposed to… Aah, attaaaaack!

[bumps the basketball]

Kagami: Ouch! [his palm is red and throbbing]

Kuroko: Are you alright, Kagami-kun?

Kagami: It hurts about as much as the first time I caught your Ignite Pass…

Kiyoshi: Yeah, ‘cause basketballs are so stiff!

Hyuuga: Yeah, of course…you idiot!

Kiyoshi: Okay! That’s enough volleyball! Volleyball’s got nothing on basketball! I mean, we’re basketball players, after all!

Hyuuga: That’s what I’ve been saying this whole time…

– – –

ボールは恋人 / Booru ha Koibito / The Ball Is Your Lover
Kaijou Route
2 Days to Complete


[in Kaijou’s room at the boardinghouse]

Kasamatsu: Let’s start our meeting. I want to hear some feedback on today’s practice.

Kise: Hmm…nothing really comes to mind? I mean, I was making one shot after another during shooting practice…

Hayakawa: I didn’t (re)lent and made a bunch of my shots, too!!

Kobori: That’s all well and good, but you need to retrieve the basketball right after you make your basket. The basketballs you guys were practicing with were rolling around under my feet while I was trying to work on my dribbling.

Hayakwa: I’m sorry! I could never tell whe(re) they we(re) going to (r)oll off to aft(er) I made my shot!

Kobori: Well, balls are supposed to be like that. They’re hard to handle.

Hayakawa: So what should I do?!

Moriyama: Listen up, Hayakawa! The ball is like your lover!!

Kasamatsu: What the heck?!

Hayakawa: I see! That’s deep!

Kasamatsu: Hey, don’t encourage him! “The ball is your lover”? That makes no sense!

Moriyama: With a ball, there are times you have to hold onto it and times you have to let it go. If you take your eyes off it, it’ll go off on its own somewhere… Isn’t that exactly like the relationship between a man and a woman? So if you treat the ball like you would treat a lover, you’ll be rewarded.

Kasamatsu: Where’d that come from?!

Moriyama: On that note, in order to help us master the way to treat a ball…after the training camp is over, let’s all go pick up girls!

Kasamatsu: How does that have anything to do with picking up girls?!

Kobori: Does he ever learn? The last time we tried that, it was a huge failure. (1)

Kise: I think we should focus on practice instead.

Moriyama: Yes, practice! The reason we failed back then was because we lacked practice! Now that that’s settled, we’re gonna practice picking up girls. Kise, be the woman.

Kise: Why me…?

Moriyama: This is an order from your senpai!!

Kise: Man, this is why I’ve had enough of senpai-kouhai relationships on sports teams… Guess I don’t have a choice.

Moriyama: Excuse me, miss! Would you mind telling me your name?

Kise: Hello! My name is Kise Ryouko!

Kobori: Ryouko! Ahahahaha!

Moriyama: C’mon, Kasamatsu. Pretend this is the real deal and try talking to her.

Kasamatsu: Eh? The real deal…? Er…um…h-h-h-h-hello!

Kobori: Why are you so nervous? It’s just Kise.

Kasamatsu: Shut up!! Why don’t you do it, then?!

Moriyama: Guess it can’t be helped. I’ll demonstrate for you.

Kise: Do you often go out to pick up girls?

Moriyama: Hardly! You may not have noticed, but… [edges closer to Kise] The fact that you and I met here, like this, must be fate. It was written in the stars!!

Kise: [backs away] E-excuse me…?

[Moriyama moves closer to Kise; Kise backs away]

Moryiama: I have always known about you! I have always known we would meet!

[Moriyama moves closer to Kise; Kise backs away]

Moriyama: I know everything, including the future we will share!

Kise: Ohhhh… I’m getting goosebumps.

Moriyama: Right? Girls find it irresistible.

Kise: No… Those lines were so scary that I got goosebumps.

[Moriyama moves closer to Kise]

Moriyama: Scary? There’s no need to be scared! I’ll protect you.

Kise: N-nooooo! [runs away]

Kasamatsu: Kise…he hated it that much, huh?

Kobori: Yeah. He’ll probably head for the hills once he sees Moriyama tomorrow.

– –

Translation Notes:

(1) They’re probably referring to the events of chapters 2 and 4 of the first -Replace- novel.

– – –

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18 thoughts on “[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc

    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for your comment.
      I would love to make a patch, but I think the process of patching the game would be fairly time consuming and require knowledge of video game coding. Also, I’ve been playing a hard copy of the game, so I don’t even have an ISO.
      That said, if there are other people willing to form a group to work on a patch, I’d be more than willing to provide translations. 🙂


  1. notshunnaorealted says:

    “Don’t look at me. Your guy was the one who barged in and messed things up.” … and did you notice that Midorima didn’t even ONCE said something about that “YOUR guy” part? And that they were quarreling like old married couple? xD
    Sorry if my spaming about their 99% of canon relationship is annoying you xD


    • grimmfeather says:

      The original Japanese for the “your guy” line was 「オマエんとこの」and 「オメーのところのヤツ」, which literally mean “the guy from ‘your’ place (Shuutoku)”, i.e., “your teammate”. That said, Kagami seems to be referring specifically to the association between Midorima and Takao, as if Midorima should somehow take responsibility for what happened, which is why I chose to translate it the way I did. XD

      They certainly have the old married couple act down pat. There are a couple of Shuutoku events coming up in the game that I think you’ll enjoy. 😉

      Thanks for your comment, as always! Reading people’s comments is part of the fun for me.

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      • notshunnaorealted says:

        Ufff, then I’m happy that I didn’t bother you with my chatting xD
        I wish I knew Japaneese so I could at least read all those Midorima and Takao moments (care to translate them? *shining eyes like Cat from Shrek* LOL) but I don’t know it and I’m too old to start learning xD
        Well, if he said it that way then it still seems to be “YOUR guy” without any pun to the team LOL
        And it’s really good that there is someone like you who translates just for fun and shares it with us. Really, thank you >.<


        • grimmfeather says:

          Nope, it’s not a bother at all. 🙂

          Haha, I don’t think it’s ever too late to start learning another language, but I’ll definitely keep translating! It’s great Japanese practice for me, and I want everyone to be able to enjoy the game.

          Thanks for such a kind comment. (^▽^)


  2. Infinite Skye says:

    OMG thank you so much for posting up the translations, I LOVE how even in the game, they have such awesome interactions with each other!! ❤ I am so grateful that you decided to translate this and hope that you will continue to do so!


  3. Guest says:

    I for one, have started to just for fun imagine girls from other animes who’d be suitable to the characters in knb…..when i thought of Kuroko , honoka from Pretty cure came up in my mind….the same happened when I thought of akashi…..creepy xD


  4. Guest says:

    just for the sake of this being more understandable, honokas description :
    “Honoka is a gentle, understanding girl who always put others before herself. She is very smart, even being called the “The Queen of Knowledge (知識の女王 Chishiki no joō?)”, “The Queen of Intelligence (知性の女王 Chisei no joō?)” or “The Queen of Wisdom (叡智の女王 Eichi no joō?)” by her classmates, and often uses this to help people. However, Honoka may also be quite strict, and when she thinks someone has not done all of their work, she’ll force them to do it. She is, however, doing this because she cares. Although she is the crush of almost every boy in school, she is not interested in most of them, but she has shown to care very much for some boys, namely Fujimura Shougo, her childhood friend, and Kiriya, a new boy at school who she is helping understand people’s feelings.”

    even this might not give a clear picture if not seen the anime xD


  5. ecto says:

    thank you so much for these translations. the midotaka ones really put a smile on my face:) do you know where we can actually watch/hear the game? i really wanna hear the scene where shuutoku plays with their food, it’s so funny!


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