[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc

ちょっと忘れただけ / Chotto Wasureta Dake / I Just Kinda Forgot
2 Days to Complete / 150 “Kizuna” Points


[in the gym]

Hyuuga: Gather ‘round! …wait, where’d Kuroko go?

Izuki: I don’t see him anywhere.

Kagami: This happens all the time. I’m sure he’s just going to pop out from the side or the back of the group or somethin’… … He’s not coming out! Where the heck did he go?!

Hyuuga: Calm down, moron. He’s gotta be around here somewhere. Have any of you seen Kuroko today?

Izuki: I’m pretty sure he was here earlier…I think.

Hyuuga: And what was he doing?

Izuki: I can’t really say. Koga, do you remember?

Koganei: Huh? Me? I have no idea. What about you, Tsucchi?

Tsuchida: Now that you mention it, I kind of remember…or I might not…

Hyuuga: What about you, Mitobe? Do you remember?

Mitobe: …(shakes head “no”)

Hyuuga: No luck, huh. Kagami, how about you? You guys are always hanging around each other.

Kagami: It’s not like we’re doing it on purpose…oh!

Hyuuga: Oi, what’s up? Did you remember? You think you know where he went?

Kagami: Aah…yeah, sort of. I only remembered just now, but he told me he was on shopping duty today…

Hyuuga: Oh, shopping duty… Then it makes sense that he’s not here.

Kagami: Uh, but I don’t really remember if that happened today or yesterday…

Hyuuga: It’s gotta be today, right? I know Kuroko was here yesterday.

Kagami: Yeah, but I can’t help thinking that he’s around here somewhere, like always…

Koganei: He’s gotta come out and say, “I was actually here the whole time.” It’s like a rule.

Tsuchida: But…I wish Kuroko would at least remember to leave a message with someone before he left.

Hyuuga: Kagami’s brain is part of the problem…

Kagami: It just slipped my mind!

Kuroko: You’re not the one who should be angry, Kagami-kun.

Kagami: I’m not really angry, but… Ah, Kuroko!

Hyuuga: Good work, Kuroko. You done with the shopping?

Kuroko: There wasn’t really anything we needed to buy today, so I didn’t go shopping. I forgot my towel, so I went to get it. …well, I told Kagami-kun as much before I left.

Kagami: Oops…

Hyuuga: You didn’t remember, even though he just told you a second ago?!

Kagami: I just kinda forgot, okay?! …sir! A-anyway, we’re all here now, so let’s start basketball practice! Please!

Hyuuga: I think it might be better if you practiced using your head…

– – –

青峰の本気 / Aomine no Honki / When Aomine Gets Serious
Touou Route
3 Days to Complete / No Points


[in the gym]

Momoi: …in short, I want him to hear it from you, Imayoshi-san. I want you to tell Aomine-kun to make sure he comes to practice. He won’t take it seriously, coming from me… But if you’re the one to tell him, then he might give it a little more consideration.

Imayoshi: Hmm, yeah, but… We already promised him that it was alright if he didn’t show up for practice… And I don’t really mind, ’s long as he does his part during games.

Momoi: Then what’s the point of holding a training camp in the first place? Of course it’s better if he participates in practice! What are you going to do if he doesn’t get into gear come game time and his play suffers for it?

Imayoshi: …

Momoi: …

Imayoshi: Say, Momoi. Let me ask ya somethin’. Have ya ever seen Aomine when he’s “serious”?

Momoi: Of course I have. Despite the way he is now, when we were kids, he put in more effort than anyone else, and he seemed to enjoy it… He was completely devoted to basketball. …up until a certain point at Teikou, that is.

Imayoshi: Aah, nah, not that. ‘S not what I mean… I’m talkin’ about him getting “serious” when he’s standing on the court as a player.

Momoi: That’s…

Imayoshi: I may be wrong, but I’m guessin’ he didn’t use his talent to its full extent during middle school. Besides, every one of the members of the “Generation of Miracles” is a prodigy, right? They won even if he didn’t get serious.

Momoi: You have a point, but…

Imayoshi: But me? I’ve seen it. I’ve see Aomine go all out.

Momi: Eh…?

Imayoshi: Just once before, Aomine showed me what it’s like when he gets serious. I mean, as a point guard, I’ve gotta know the true strength of my team’s ace, right? I was completely convinced after that. …there’s nobody good enough to beat him. Well, seems like he can’t reach that stage unless certain conditions are met, though. But that said, in the world of Japanese high school basketball, I’m not sure there’s an opponent he’d need to get “serious” against… He didn’t have to go that far even when he was up against Kise, yeah?

Momoi: …

Imayoshi: From now on, there’re bound to be times he lets his guard down during games. Even so, there’s no way he’d slack off. But ya already knew that, right? So ’s alright if we just leave Aomine alone. So long as he comes to the games, I don’t care if he skips practice.

– –

Momoi: (When Dai-chan gets “serious”… I’ve watched him play ever since we were kids, but I guess that doesn’t mean I know everything about Dai-chan as he is now. I wonder just what kind of play he showed Imayoshi-san…) Kind of makes me feel a little lonely…

– – –

でかいとモテル / Dekai to Moteru / Tall Equals Popular
2 Days to Complete / 150 “Kizuna” Points


[in a hallway at the boardinghouse]

Hyuuga: (Alright, dinner’s over, so I guess I should head to practice soon. …wait, what? Is that Koga over there? Why’s he sneaking around the hallway like that?)

– –

Hyuuga: Oi, Koga, what’re you doing over there?

Koganei: Gah!

Izuki: Shhh! Koga, you idiot! Keep it down!

Hyuuga: …Izuki, you, too? What the heck are you guys doing…?

Koganei: Well, Hyuuga, take a look over there…

Hyuuga: Hm? What now… Hmm, that’s…Kagami?

– –

Girl A: Wow, you’re really built. Do you play a sport or something?

Kagami: Ah? Well, I play basketball…

Girl B: Oh! Now that you mention it, I think I remember seeing the name of a high school basketball team on the welcome signboard out front.

Girl C: Oh, a training camp for basketball! Boys are just so cute when they’re working hard, aren’t they?

Kagami: (C-cute…?)

– –

Hyuuga: Oho… What on earth’s going on over there…?

Koganei: Dunno. But as you can see, Kagami’s surrounded by girls.

Izuki: If my eagle eye is correct, they’re about twenty years old… Probably college students.

Hyuuga: Female college students? Damn it, Kagami! Just die already!

– –

Kagami: (?! What was that? Feels like somebody’s out for blood.)

Girl A: Do your best at practice, cutie! See ya!

Kagami: O-okay…

[the girls leave; Koganei, Hyuuga, and Izuki walk up to Kagami]

Koganei: Kagami, you’re pretty popular!

Kagami: Ah, senpai! You saw that just now?

Hyuuga: Yeah, we did. And it looks like you’re still not used to dealing with the opposite sex.

Kagami: If you were watching, then you should have come over to talk to me…sir. Then I could have made a quick escape.

Hyuuga: Why would you want to escape? So, who were those people just now?

Kagami: Well, um, it seems like they’re guests staying in the same boardinghouse. They saw how tall I am and thought it was unusual… And I guess that’s why they started talking to me.

Koganei: Shit, it’s about height?! If I were that tall, they’d talk to me, too?! If I drink milk or somethin’, I wonder if I can become a 190-centimeter-tall giant of a man!

Izuki: No, even if you start drinking milk, 190 centimeters is too much to ask.

Kagami: I don’t want them trying to make a pass at me just ‘cause I’m tall, though.

Koganei: Listen, you, if you keep sounding that unhappy about it, you’re just asking for divine punishment!

Kagami: I mean, I’d prefer if they didn’t try to talk to me in the first place. Besides, I’m no good at stuff like that… It’s just annoying. I think I’d rather get double teamed during a game than go through that. At least you feel really satisfied after breaking through a double team.

Koganei: …

Kagami: W-what’s with that look? Like you’re taking pity on me or something.

Hyuuga: Well, how do I put this… You’re a real basketball junkie, aren’t you?

Kagami: Leave me alone! Sir!

Hyuuga: Alright, then let’s go play some basketball, since you love it so much.

Kagami: Roger!

– – –

裸の付き合い / Hadaka no Tsukiai / Naked, Body and Soul
Touou Route
4 Days to Complete / 200 “Kizuna” Points


Kagami: Man, I was so sweaty! I can’t wait to feel refreshed! Wait, huh? That’s Touou’s—

Sakurai: Eek, Kagami-san?! Ah…could it be that we’re sharing a timeslot with everyone from Seirin…?!

Kagami: Yeah, looks like it. I thought it seemed kinda busy in here.

Sakurai: I’m sorry! I’m sorry!

Kagami: Nah, you don’t have to apologize. The bath’s pretty roomy, so we can all use it at the same time.

Sakurai: …oh! If you’d like, I can wash your back for you.

Kagami: Huh? I told ya that you didn’t have to do stuff like that.

Sakurai: T-that’s right! I’m sorry!

Kagami: Quit apologizing for every little thing! What a pain. Oh, I know. How ‘bout you have Kuroko do it for you?

Sakurai: Eh?! Uwaaa! H-how long have you been standing there?!

Kuroko: I got in with Kagami-kun.

Sakurai: I didn’t notice at all… I’m sorry!!

Kagami: Hey, don’t ya think it’d be better if you had a little more presence?

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, you just stand out too much.

– –

Imayoshi: Good work today! There’s nothin’ like a lively bath, huh?

Hyuuga: Aah, you’re from Touou… Good work today.

Imayoshi: Don’t be so stiff. Just take it easy and chat with us.

Hyuuga: (Easy for you to say… I can’t come up with something to talk about at the drop of a hat.)

Imayoshi: Hm? How ‘bout asking a question? Like, “Where do you live?” or somethin’.

Hyuuga: (Is he just messing with me?!)

Susa: …if you don’t feel up to it, you don’t have to force yourself to talk.

Hyuuga: (And now this guy’s looking out for me?!) I-I’ve got something to talk about! As a fellow captain, I’ve wanted to talk to you!

Imayoshi: Oh, so you’ve got somethin’ to say after all. So, what is it?

Hyuuga: (Shit, now I’ve done it! I just blurted that out!) Um…it’s hard being a captain, isn’t it?

Imayoshi: That’s for sure…we’ve gotta deal with a lot of stuff. Like guys who won’t show up at practice… And it’s a lot of work, havin’ to look after all the team members.

Hyuuga: …

Imayoshi: … Wait, that’s it?!

Susa: …I think it’s our turn to think of something now.

– –

Wakamatsu: Can I sit next to you?

Izuki: Oh, I don’t mind.

Wakamatsu: …are Seirin’s practices really tough?

Izuki: Huh, I wonder. They’re not easy. What about yours?

Wakamatsu: Ours aren’t all that tough. We’re kinda free to practice as we see fit. Although a certain someone takes that a little too much to heart and doesn’t even come to practice…oh. Sorry, I’m complaining again.

Mitobe: …

Wakamatsu: You don’t mind hearing me out? What a great guy… Our captain’s a weird one, too. He doesn’t even get angry when that guy doesn’t show up at practice…

Izuki: Your captain is weird? That’s a captastrophe. (1)

Wakamatsu: You never intended to take this seriously, did you?!

Tsuchida: Easy, now. And there’s nobody apart from the captain that you can consult with?

Wakamatsu: Yeah, there’s no one… I wish we had another second-year regular, like me.

Koganei: Well, why don’t you try to get along with Aomine?

Wakamatsu: Aomine?! He’s the one who pisses me off the most out of all of them!

Koganei: Then why don’t you try to make up and get along with him? He might be an unexpectedly good guy.

Wakamatsu: …there’s no way that’s possible.

– –

Kiyoshi: Mind if I sit next to you?

Aomine: Huh? It’s not like I have a reason to refuse. …you need somethin’?

Kiyoshi: I’ve been intrigued by you since a while back, when I heard that there’s no one who can defeat you. Is there really no one you can call a rival?

Aomine: There ain’t. The only one who can defeat me is me.

Kiyoshi: Hahaha! You’re being naïve. There’re many kinds of people in this world. For instance, I might be able to beat you…at hanafuda! (2)

Aomine: Not basketball?!

Kiyoshi: Alright, how about Othello!

Aomine: What the heck?!

Kiyoshi: What, you’d rather play shogi?

Aomine: Like I said, I ain’t doin’ it!

Kiyoshi: Hm…alright, then what should we compete in?

Aomine: I said I’d defeat you at basketball, damn it!

Kiyoshi: …that might be a bit difficult.

Aomine: You were talking about something else from the very beginning…?

Kiyoshi: Well, I’m sure we’ll have to play a game against each other sometime. I’ll be counting on you!

Aomine: If you’re playing, I might be able to enjoy it a little bit. Don’t disappoint me.

– –
Translation Notes:

(1) 「主将が変わってるとはごしゅうしょうさまです」= lit., “Your captain is weird? You have my deepest sympathy.”

(2)「花札」= hanafuda is the Japanese card game Kiyoshi learned from the old guy with whom he shared a hospital room.

– – –

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18 thoughts on “[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc

    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for your comment.
      I would love to make a patch, but I think the process of patching the game would be fairly time consuming and require knowledge of video game coding. Also, I’ve been playing a hard copy of the game, so I don’t even have an ISO.
      That said, if there are other people willing to form a group to work on a patch, I’d be more than willing to provide translations. 🙂


  1. notshunnaorealted says:

    “Don’t look at me. Your guy was the one who barged in and messed things up.” … and did you notice that Midorima didn’t even ONCE said something about that “YOUR guy” part? And that they were quarreling like old married couple? xD
    Sorry if my spaming about their 99% of canon relationship is annoying you xD


    • grimmfeather says:

      The original Japanese for the “your guy” line was 「オマエんとこの」and 「オメーのところのヤツ」, which literally mean “the guy from ‘your’ place (Shuutoku)”, i.e., “your teammate”. That said, Kagami seems to be referring specifically to the association between Midorima and Takao, as if Midorima should somehow take responsibility for what happened, which is why I chose to translate it the way I did. XD

      They certainly have the old married couple act down pat. There are a couple of Shuutoku events coming up in the game that I think you’ll enjoy. 😉

      Thanks for your comment, as always! Reading people’s comments is part of the fun for me.

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      • notshunnaorealted says:

        Ufff, then I’m happy that I didn’t bother you with my chatting xD
        I wish I knew Japaneese so I could at least read all those Midorima and Takao moments (care to translate them? *shining eyes like Cat from Shrek* LOL) but I don’t know it and I’m too old to start learning xD
        Well, if he said it that way then it still seems to be “YOUR guy” without any pun to the team LOL
        And it’s really good that there is someone like you who translates just for fun and shares it with us. Really, thank you >.<


        • grimmfeather says:

          Nope, it’s not a bother at all. 🙂

          Haha, I don’t think it’s ever too late to start learning another language, but I’ll definitely keep translating! It’s great Japanese practice for me, and I want everyone to be able to enjoy the game.

          Thanks for such a kind comment. (^▽^)


  2. Infinite Skye says:

    OMG thank you so much for posting up the translations, I LOVE how even in the game, they have such awesome interactions with each other!! ❤ I am so grateful that you decided to translate this and hope that you will continue to do so!


  3. Guest says:

    I for one, have started to just for fun imagine girls from other animes who’d be suitable to the characters in knb…..when i thought of Kuroko , honoka from Pretty cure came up in my mind….the same happened when I thought of akashi…..creepy xD


  4. Guest says:

    just for the sake of this being more understandable, honokas description :
    “Honoka is a gentle, understanding girl who always put others before herself. She is very smart, even being called the “The Queen of Knowledge (知識の女王 Chishiki no joō?)”, “The Queen of Intelligence (知性の女王 Chisei no joō?)” or “The Queen of Wisdom (叡智の女王 Eichi no joō?)” by her classmates, and often uses this to help people. However, Honoka may also be quite strict, and when she thinks someone has not done all of their work, she’ll force them to do it. She is, however, doing this because she cares. Although she is the crush of almost every boy in school, she is not interested in most of them, but she has shown to care very much for some boys, namely Fujimura Shougo, her childhood friend, and Kiriya, a new boy at school who she is helping understand people’s feelings.”

    even this might not give a clear picture if not seen the anime xD


  5. ecto says:

    thank you so much for these translations. the midotaka ones really put a smile on my face:) do you know where we can actually watch/hear the game? i really wanna hear the scene where shuutoku plays with their food, it’s so funny!


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