[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc

パネェ食卓 / Panee Shokutaku / That Table’s No Joke
Required Event / 150 “Kizuna” Points


[dinnertime in the dining hall]

Takao: Alright… Everybody got a seat? Okay, let’s welcome our new guests and enjoy our meal together!

– –

[at the GoM + Kagami table]

Midorima: …so remind me again why I have to eat at the same table as you lot.

Kuroko: The more the merrier, right?

Kise: Yeah, Midorimacchi! It’s good to get together and have dinner with everyone once in a while.

Midorima: I can’t believe that Kise is here, of all people… What’s the deal with this boardinghouse?!

Kagami: Yeah, now it feels like I wouldn’t be surprised no matter who shows up…

Midorima: Well…there’s no changing the fact that three schools happened to book the same facilities. But that doesn’t mean we have to sit at the same table.

Kagami: Your guy was the one who barged in and screwed things up. I said the same thing yesterday.

Midorima: Erk…

Kagami: As far as I’m concerned…(munch)…I don’t care where I sit, so long as I can eat…(chew)

Midorima: Don’t talk with your mouth full!

Kagami: …(swallow) Sheesh, don’t you ever give it a rest?

Kise: Okay, okay, okay. Calm down, you two. How’s practice going for you guys, Midorimacchi? Had any breakthroughs or anything?

Midorima: …it’s the same as always. And as usual, I’m doing everything in my power in order to succeed.

Kise: We had joint practice with Seirin. It was a blast!

Kuroko: Yes. I had fun, too.

Kise: Practicing with another school gives you a fresh perspective, so it’s easy to find problems to fix or areas to improve.

Midorima: It’s also an important lesson in strategizing, since both teams have to put all their cards on the table. Rather than simply practicing with your usual teammates, you get to see things from another point of view.

Kise: Yep! Midorimacchi gets it! I hope we get to do a joint practice with Shuutoku sometime, too!

– –

Kasamatsu: There’s a pretty impressive lineup at that table…

Hyuuga: I’m more impressed that they’re actually managing to carry on a conversation. Well…it’s mostly just Kagami and Midorima bickering, though.

Kasamatsu: If they were to play basketball together, wouldn’t they make an incredible team?

Hyuuga: Yeah, they would. There’d be three of the Teikou regulars on the same team…

– –

[in Seirin’s room at the boardinghouse]

Kagami: Ahh, what a great dinner!

Kuroko: You ate an idiotic amount, as usual.

Kagami: Don’t say “idiot”! That’s just normal. …anyway, I was surprised to see Kise here.

Kuroko: I agree. First it was Midorima-kun, followed by Kise-kun… If this string of coincidences continues…then maybe…

Kagami: …there’s no way that would happen. That’s the last of ‘em.

Kuroko: I tend to agree with you…but what if he does show up…

Kagami: Not gonna happen! If he does, I’ll double my amount of weight training tomorrow.

Kuroko: …let’s hope he doesn’t, then.

– – –

キセキの出会いのバーゲンセール / Kiseki no Deai no Baagen Seeru / A Close-Out Sale on Miraculous Meetings
Required Event / 150 “Kizuna” Points


[breakfast at the GoM + Kagami table in the dining hall]

Kise: Man, I love that’s it’s so lively here first thing in the morning!

Kuroko: It’d be perfect if only the portions were a little smaller.

Kagami: What d’ya mean? …(chew) You know what’ll happen if you don’t finish, right? Worst comes to worst, just use misdirection to sneak the rest of your food into Midorima’s bowl.

Kuroko: …that’s a good idea.

Midorima: No, it’s not! Finish your meal on your own!

– –

Kagami: Alright! We’ve had breakfast, so now it’s time for practice!

Kuroko: Urgh… I’m so full that I can’t move…

Kagami: Well, you did your best. I had to help out a little bit, though… Anyway, guess he’s not gonna show up after all.

Kuroko: Yeah, I suppose so… But as they say, “What happens twice…”

Kagami: A coincidence like that’s not gonna happen a third time. Besides, the fact that it happened twice is already amazing enough.

???: Wow, we’re finally here. It’s a pretty nice place, ain’t it?

???: Waaah! That was the wrong room! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!

Kagami: …oi…seriously?!

Kuroko: I guess what happens twice will happen thrice.

Sakurai: Ehhh?! Why is everyone from Seirin here?!

Imayoshi: No kiddin’! It’s Seirin. Fancy meetin’ you here.

Kuroko: …I had a feeling we might see you here.

Imayoshi: What’s that supposed to mean?

Kuroko: Actually, we’re not the only ones staying here.

Aomine: Huh? This is the dining hall. Weren’t we headed to our rooms?

Kagami: Aomine…

Aomine: Haah?! What the hell are you doing here?

Kagami: …I don’t believe it.

Aomine: You all doing a training camp here, too?

Kagami: It’s not just us…

Kise: Yo, Aominecchi!

Midorima: Hmph! You, too?

Aomine: Kise and Midorima?! Why are you here?! What the hell’s goin’ on? Oi, Satsuki!

Momoi: Te-Te-Tetsu-kun!! What are you doing here?!

Kuroko: We’re in the middle of a training camp. I’m assuming you’re here for the same reason?

Momoi: Yeah! Starting today, we’ll be holding our training camp here! Huh?! That means I’m going to be staying under the same roof as Tetsu-kun! Ahhh…I think I’m gonna faint…!

Aomine: Are you guys doing a joint training camp or somethin’?

Kagami: Nah, it’s just a coincidence… Wait, does this even count as a coincidence anymore?

Aomine: A coincidence? Ahh, I don’t get it.

Kagami: Really, what the hell is going on…

Kuroko: Kagami-kun…do your best.

Kagami: Hm? What d’ya mean…

Kuroko: I believe you said you would…double your amount of weight training.

Kagami: Ack!

Hyuuga: The thought had crossed my mind, but to think that Touou’s actually here, too…

Riko: Yeah, but there’s another problem… Sounds like Shuutoku and Touou’s reservations for the gym overlapped.

Hyuuga: Huh? Just like what happened with us and Kaijou?

Riko: … Fufu! Shuutoku, Kaijou, and Touou… This is getting good!

Hyuuga: Coach? You can’t possibly be thinking of…

Riko: Oh, whatever do you mean? It’s nothing, really! Ohohoho!

Hyuuga: She was skipping on her way out… She’s definitely planning something.

– – –

チームプレイをやめます! / Chiimu Purei wo Yamemasu! / I’ll Stop Playing as Part of the Team!
4 Days to Complete / 210 “Kizuna” Points / “Stop Team Play” Panel Unlocked


[in the gym]

Izuki: …what would happen if another team researched our passing patterns and used that to their advantage? Ahh, that would mean they’ve acknowledged us as a veteran team! …although I don’t want to speak too soon.

Hyuuga: Hey, try to sound a little more confident about that, okay?

Izuki: But I’m sure we’re already being researched, just like during that game against Seihou. Kuroko’s misdirection only works on the court during an actual game… And there could be others with a skill like my “eagle eye”… If they do their research by analyzing a video tape, Kuroko will be visible to the naked eye. Kuroko’s not a ghost. You can see him clearly on video.

Kiyoshi: Oi, oi, that’s not good! Kuroko is naked in the videos?

Hyuuga: That’s not what he meant! Just shut up, will you?! It’s true that anyone can see Kuroko’s movements on video after the fact… I hadn’t thought about that before…

Izuki: So if another team were to research our pass courses and then analyze the patterns…

Hyuuga: Yeah, it’d be all over for us at that point.

Kuroko: In that case, let’s think of a counterstrategy while we have the chance.

Izuki: Like devising more patterns?

Hyuuga: No matter how many we make, that strategy has its limits. This can’t be our sole focus, either, since there are other things we need to work on. What if we synchronize and regulate our attacks? Our plays would need to be calm, composed, and elegant…

Riko: There’s no way that will work, and you know it. Our team is comprised solely of easily provoked hotheads, after all.

Hyuuga: Wait a sec, are you referring to me?

Kuroko: What if I stop playing as part of the team?

Riko: What do you mean?

Kuroko: Even passes that come as a surprise to our opponents are ones we have honed during practice. We normally choose the most efficient pass courses…since we’re playing as a team.

Riko: I see. So if not even your own teammates can predict the pass courses, then there’s no way the opponent would be able to, either.

Izuki: So basically, we would never know when to expect a pass and would have never practiced the patterns—

Hyuuga: It’d be completely on the fly.

Kuroko: The other four would continue to play as usual, while I would move independently.

Riko: I get it. But doesn’t that seem like a bit of a gamble?

Kiyoshi: No, I don’t think so. A gamble leaves everything to fate, but what we’ve accomplished is more than pure chance. It’s true strength.

Riko: Teppei…

Kiyoshi: So it’s not a gamble at all. We can do it. Let’s do a test run.

Hyuuga: Alright! Let’s give it a whirl!

– – –

キセキの食卓 / Kiseki no Shokutaku / The Table of Miracles
Required Event / 200 “Kizuna” Points


[dinnertime in the dining hall]

Takao: ‘Kay, everybody got a seat? Man, it sure has gotten crowded in here.

Imayoshi: No kiddin’. It’s a wonder we all fit in this dining hall.

Kasamatsu: I never expected the training camp to turn out like this.

Imayoshi: Well, guess we’ll be countin’ on ya for a bit.

Kasamatsu: Yeah, same here.

Koganei: …you alright? Are you nervous?

Sakurai: Uwaaa! I’m fine! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry you have to sit at a table with me! I should probably eat on the floor, right? I’ll sit down here and eat in seiza! I’m sorry!

Koganei: No! I never said anything like that. Cut it out, or they’ll think I did something to you!

Hayakawa: Everything looks delicious! Uwooo! Let’s eat ‘til we(’re) stuffed!

Wakamatsu: Shut it! Don’t yell in my ear! Pipe down, you!

Takao: Alright then, let’s dig in!

Everyone: Itadakimasu!

– –

[at the GoM + Kagami table]

Aomine: …what’s goin’ on here?

Midorima: I never thought I’d be eating dinner with you lot…

Kagami: Why’s Aomine sitting here, too?

Kuroko: Once Aomine-kun showed up this morning, you should have known this would happen.

Kise: Hey, hey, it’ll be fun! C’mon, let’s eat!

– –

Riko: That table is out of this world! It feels like something amazing is about to happen!

Hyuuga: What exactly are you hoping for…? Or so I’d like to say, but I can’t stop staring, either.

Riko: The food can wait! I can’t take my eyes off them!

Takao: Pffft! Isn’t that table incredible?

Hyuuga: Yeah, I agree, but it was your handiwork to begin with!

Takao: Nah, it was completely coincidental, I swear. Man, coincidences sure are scary!

– –

[back at the GoM + Kagami table]

Aomine: What is this, a middle school reunion? There’s one guy who doesn’t belong, though.

Kagami: It’s not like I’m sitting here by choice.

Midorima: Everyone else is staring at us. It’s making me uneasy. I don’t know what they’re so excited about—this is just a table full of guys I can’t stand.

Kagami: What did you say?

Kise: Hey, now. You should have fun while you’re eating! The food tastes better that way!

Aomine: Well, at least the food’s good… Kise, bring me seconds!

Kise: Why am I the one in charge of getting you seconds?!

Kagami: Oh, Kise! Bring me some, too.

Kise: That’s not my job!

Midorima: Is this how it’s going to be every day from now on? That’s not a comforting thought.

Kuroko: I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.

Midorima: For the duration of this training camp, I’ll never be able to eat in peace again…

Kuroko: No, I wouldn’t count on it.

– –

[in Seirin’s room at the boardinghouse]

Riko: Everybody, got a minute? I have something to tell you.

Hyuuga: What’s up?

Riko: It’s about our remaining days of practice… At the moment, Seirin, Shuutoku, Kaijou, and Touou are all gathered at the same boardinghouse. This is a great opportunity for us, so I asked the other coaches about doing joint practices.

Hyuuga: I knew it. You looked awfully happy at breakfast this morning.

Riko: Yeah, well, there’s no way this could have turned out better, even had we tried to plan it. In short, each school gave us the green light. Since our team has the fewest members, we’ll keep using the small gym. Once we designate our practice partner, we’ll hold joint practices with them in the small gym. The remaining two schools will have joint practice in the larger gym. …that’s how it’s going to work.

Hyuuga: So in exchange for agreeing to use the small gym, we get to pick our practice partners.

Izuki: That was really generous of the other coaches.

Riko: It’s all thanks to my skills of persuasion and negotiation. ♪ We have the opportunity to practice with veteran schools that will be our opponents at the Winter Cup. I never dreamed we’d have a chance like this. Let’s establish ourselves as potential competitors.

Hyuuga: So, which school’s gonna be our first practice partner?

Riko: That hasn’t been decided yet. We’re supposed to make the decision the night before. Since we’re all here, let’s go ahead and decide! I’ll add this to the agenda for our nightly meetings. Alright, we’ll be practicing with another school every day from now on! Let’s try to level up and give it our all!

– – –

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18 thoughts on “[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc

    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for your comment.
      I would love to make a patch, but I think the process of patching the game would be fairly time consuming and require knowledge of video game coding. Also, I’ve been playing a hard copy of the game, so I don’t even have an ISO.
      That said, if there are other people willing to form a group to work on a patch, I’d be more than willing to provide translations. 🙂


  1. notshunnaorealted says:

    “Don’t look at me. Your guy was the one who barged in and messed things up.” … and did you notice that Midorima didn’t even ONCE said something about that “YOUR guy” part? And that they were quarreling like old married couple? xD
    Sorry if my spaming about their 99% of canon relationship is annoying you xD


    • grimmfeather says:

      The original Japanese for the “your guy” line was 「オマエんとこの」and 「オメーのところのヤツ」, which literally mean “the guy from ‘your’ place (Shuutoku)”, i.e., “your teammate”. That said, Kagami seems to be referring specifically to the association between Midorima and Takao, as if Midorima should somehow take responsibility for what happened, which is why I chose to translate it the way I did. XD

      They certainly have the old married couple act down pat. There are a couple of Shuutoku events coming up in the game that I think you’ll enjoy. 😉

      Thanks for your comment, as always! Reading people’s comments is part of the fun for me.

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      • notshunnaorealted says:

        Ufff, then I’m happy that I didn’t bother you with my chatting xD
        I wish I knew Japaneese so I could at least read all those Midorima and Takao moments (care to translate them? *shining eyes like Cat from Shrek* LOL) but I don’t know it and I’m too old to start learning xD
        Well, if he said it that way then it still seems to be “YOUR guy” without any pun to the team LOL
        And it’s really good that there is someone like you who translates just for fun and shares it with us. Really, thank you >.<


        • grimmfeather says:

          Nope, it’s not a bother at all. 🙂

          Haha, I don’t think it’s ever too late to start learning another language, but I’ll definitely keep translating! It’s great Japanese practice for me, and I want everyone to be able to enjoy the game.

          Thanks for such a kind comment. (^▽^)


  2. Infinite Skye says:

    OMG thank you so much for posting up the translations, I LOVE how even in the game, they have such awesome interactions with each other!! ❤ I am so grateful that you decided to translate this and hope that you will continue to do so!


  3. Guest says:

    I for one, have started to just for fun imagine girls from other animes who’d be suitable to the characters in knb…..when i thought of Kuroko , honoka from Pretty cure came up in my mind….the same happened when I thought of akashi…..creepy xD


  4. Guest says:

    just for the sake of this being more understandable, honokas description :
    “Honoka is a gentle, understanding girl who always put others before herself. She is very smart, even being called the “The Queen of Knowledge (知識の女王 Chishiki no joō?)”, “The Queen of Intelligence (知性の女王 Chisei no joō?)” or “The Queen of Wisdom (叡智の女王 Eichi no joō?)” by her classmates, and often uses this to help people. However, Honoka may also be quite strict, and when she thinks someone has not done all of their work, she’ll force them to do it. She is, however, doing this because she cares. Although she is the crush of almost every boy in school, she is not interested in most of them, but she has shown to care very much for some boys, namely Fujimura Shougo, her childhood friend, and Kiriya, a new boy at school who she is helping understand people’s feelings.”

    even this might not give a clear picture if not seen the anime xD


  5. ecto says:

    thank you so much for these translations. the midotaka ones really put a smile on my face:) do you know where we can actually watch/hear the game? i really wanna hear the scene where shuutoku plays with their food, it’s so funny!


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