[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc

秀德との練習試合前 / Shuutoku to no Renshuujiai Mae / Before the Practice Game with Shuutoku
Shuutoku Route
Required Event / 600 “Kizuna” Points / “Let’s Go Have Fun” Panel Unlocked


[in the gym]

Ootsubo: I guess this is like a prelude to the Winter Cup preliminaries.

Hyuuga: That’s right. Well, we’re honored to be able to practice with one of the Kings.

Ootsubo: Heh…you were the ones who defeated us in the Inter-High preliminaries, remember? We’re the ones who feel honored to play with you…in order to get our revenge.

Hyuuga: Alright, then please don’t be too hard on us.

– –

[on Seirin’s bench]

Riko: Okay, everybody! It’s finally game time. Go all-out and show them the results of your hard work! I already said this yesterday, but don’t forget that what I see during the match will influence the training menu for the second half of camp.

Koganei: So if they completely crush us, then…

Izuki: Well, there’ll probably be a corresponding practice menu waiting for us.

Koganei: … T-there’s no way we’ll lose! At the very least, we’ve got to put up a good fight!

Kagami: Heh! No need to worry—all we’ve gotta do is win, right?

Koganei: Y-yeah! Alright, I’m countin’ on you, Kagami!

– –

[on Shuutoku’s bench]

Coach Nakatani: For starters, I’d like each of you to play today’s game while reflecting on what areas you think could use some improvement. We’ll work on fixing what you find during the remainder of the training camp.

Takao: You heard him, Shin-chan. Make sure you take some time to reflect after the game’s over, ‘kay?

Midorima: Hmph. There’s nothing I need to reflect on as far as my three-pointers are concerned. If I do find something on which to reflect…it’ll probably be about how many points I scored during the game.

Takao: Oh, that’s right. Kagami’s blocks are bad news for your style of play.

Midorima: Same goes for you. You’re going to stop Kuroko, correct?

Takao: Heheh. Yeah, I don’t really wanna lose to him. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.

– –

[on Seirin’s bench]

Riko: Everybody gather ‘round! I’m going to present the starting line-up. First, we have Hyuuga-kun, Izuki-kun, Teppei-kun, Kagami-kun…and Kuroko-kun. Take the lead right from the start!

Kuroko: Yes!

Riko: That’s the starting line-up. Alright, go show them Seirin’s Run & Gun Style basketball!

– – –

海常との練習試合前 / Kaijou to no Renshuujiai Mae / Before the Practice Game with Kaijou
Kaijou Route
Required Event / 600 “Kizuna” Points / “Let’s Go Have Fun” Panel Unlocked


[in the gym]

Hyuuga: This is the first time we’ll have played a game against Kaijou since the practice game last spring.

Kasamatsu: You chose us to be your opponents, right? I’m grateful.

Kagami: Grateful?

Kasamatsu: Yeah, since we’ll finally be able to get our revenge for last time.

Kise: Although I really wanted to return the favor at a big event like the Inter-High.

Kagami: Well, excuse us for not making it to the Inter-High!!

Hayakawa: Uwooo! (R)evenge! I’m bu(r)ning up! We’re not gonna lose!

Moriyama: Please don’t assume that we haven’t changed at all since then.

Kobori: Exactly. We’ve grown and improved, just like you.

Hyuuga: We’ve always known that Kaijou is a strong team. The last game was a close call.

Kiyoshi: And the game you played against Touou at the Inter-High was on a pretty high level. Basically, just because we won once doesn’t guarantee that we’ll win again.

Kagami: I already know that! That’s exactly why I’m so fired up! …sir.

Kuroko: What a coincidence. I’m excited, too.

Kagami: Heh! Another basketball junkie, huh? Alright, let’s go battle it out!

– –

[on Seirin’s bench]

Riko: Everybody gather ‘round! I’m going to present the starting line-up. First, we have Hyuuga-kun, Izuki-kun, Teppei-kun, Kagami-kun…and Kuroko-kun. Take the lead right from the start!

Kuroko: Yes!

Riko: That’s the starting line-up. Alright, go show them Seirin’s Run & Gun Style basketball!

– – –

桐皇との練習試合前 / Touou to no Renshuujiai Mae / Before the Practice Game with Touou
Touou Route
Required Event / 600 “Kizuna” Points / “Let’s Go Have Fun” Panel Unlocked

IMAG1311 IMAG1312

[in the gym]

Hyuuga: Touou, huh…? We haven’t played against them since the finals of the Inter-High.

Kagami: I’ve been waiting for this! We’re definitely not gonna lose this time!

Hyuuga: Yeah, last time was when you injured your legs. You think you can go all-out today?

Kagami: Damn straight! …sir! I’ve got a debt to repay!

Kuroko: …

Kagami: …what’s wrong, Kuroko?

Kuroko: Ah…yes?

Kagami: You alright? Do you feel sick or something?

Kuroko: I’m fine. When I thought about finally getting to have a rematch, I was so happy that I just…

Kagami: Heh, looks like you’re all fired up! We’re gonna win against Touou!

Kuroko: Yes, we’re definitely going to win!

Imayoshi: Oh, boy, somebody’s lively today. C’mon, let’s just take it easy.

Kagami: Huh? You need somethin’? Sorry to disappoint, but it’s gonna be our win this time.

Imayoshi: Easy, now. I’ve just got a little something I wanna talk to ya about before we get to that.

Kagami: …what is it?

Imayoshi: See, it’s about today’s practice game… Aomine won’t be playing.

Kagami: What?! What’s that supposed to mean?

Kuroko: Last time he was out for the first half, but this time he won’t be playing at all?

Imayoshi: That’s the gist of it. Well, we’ve had to deal with a few things.

Kagami: Does that mean you think you can defeat us even without Aomine?!

Imayoshi: Uh-uh. Listen, there’s no way I’d underestimate ya that much. We’ve got our reasons; you know how it goes. On that note, I’ll be countin’ on ya.

Kuroko: What could have happened…?

Kagami: Aomine’s not playing? They’re lookin’ down on us…

Kuroko: …even so, a game is still a game. No matter who our opponent is, let’s play our hardest and win.

Kagami: Yeah. It’ll be such an overwhelming victory that they’ll wish they had put him in the game!

– –

[on Seirin’s bench]

Riko: Everybody gather ‘round! I’m going to present the starting line-up. First, we have Hyuuga-kun, Izuki-kun, Teppei-kun, Kagami-kun…and Kuroko-kun. Take the lead right from the start!

Kuroko: Yes!

Riko: That’s the starting line-up. Alright, go show them Seirin’s Run & Gun Style basketball!

– – –

If you win the first practice game

[in the gym]

Koganei: We won—! Even though it was just a practice game, we still won!

Kuroko: Yes, we won.

Koganei: Why are you so mellow?! Would it kill you to look a little happier, Kuroko?! Guess we really did power up thanks to the training camp! Woohoo!

Riko: Alright, alright, I know you’re excited, but let’s gather ‘round for our post-game meeting. Excellent work, guys! We’re getting results, and we learned a lot. What do you guys think? Any impressions?

Koganei: We won! We’re getting stronger!

Riko: Yes, you just said that. Did you guys notice anything that could use some work?

Hyuuga: The plan was to try out some new things during the game. There’s still a lot we need to think about, like how we can make our attack patterns harder to read.

Riko: I agree. It takes a real game to make you aware of some things. Even if we were just experimenting, this practice game wasn’t a waste of time. I’m sure our opponents agree, and I’m sure they used this opportunity to try out a few new things themselves.

Kagami: You mean the other team wasn’t taking it seriously?

Riko: I didn’t say that. We’re not an opponent they can afford to take lightly. But like I said a second ago, it’s only natural to want to test a few things when you have the opportunity to play a practice game. It’s not that they weren’t taking it seriously—it’s more that some things are still a work in progress. Meaning that the next time we face them, they’ll be even stronger.

Kagami: …I like the sound of that. I’ll take ‘em on again! So, are we gonna…I mean, going to play another practice game sometime?

Riko: Yes…it’s not planned yet, but I’d like to play at least one more. Until then, we have to keep practicing and getting stronger. Channel all that energy into the second half of the training camp!

– – –

If you lose the first practice game

IMAG1313 IMAG1314

[in the gym]

Hyuuga: Come on, Kuroko. We’re gonna start the post-game meeting.

Kuroko: …

Hyuuga: (Even if it was just a practice game, losing is still a huge shock…)

Kagami: Kuroko…

Kuroko: …it’s so frustrating.

Kagami: …

Kuroko: It was just a practice game, but to lose… It made me realize that I still lack both strength and ability.

Kagami: …yeah, it’s frustrating as hell. It pisses me off to think I’m this weak. If we get another chance to play against them, we’re gonna win for sure!

Riko: …hey, you two. Don’t start the meeting on your own. Everybody gather over here. First off, you’ve worked hard today. The result wasn’t the one we wanted, but it’s given us some things to think about. We’ll be incorporating what we learned into our practice starting tomorrow. It’s going to be even tougher than the first half of camp, so be prepared!

Kiyoshi: What if she finally decides to add bear wrestling to the practice menu?

Hyuuga: That’d be way too tough! And our lives would be at risk. Besides, would doing that make us any better at basketball?!

Izuki: No…but this is Coach we’re talking about. She might actually do it.

Riko: You guys… I wonder if I really should make you fight bears.

Kiyoshi: Now, now, isn’t that nice? Looks like we’re not really going to have to wrestle any bears. So it’s alright. Starting tomorrow, we’re going to keep practicing basketball. Let’s practice and get even stronger, guys!

Riko: (…sheesh. Decide whether you want to be silly or serious…)

– – –

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18 thoughts on “[ongoing translation] “Kuroko no Basuke”「キセキの試合」PSP Game – Training Camp Arc

    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks for your comment.
      I would love to make a patch, but I think the process of patching the game would be fairly time consuming and require knowledge of video game coding. Also, I’ve been playing a hard copy of the game, so I don’t even have an ISO.
      That said, if there are other people willing to form a group to work on a patch, I’d be more than willing to provide translations. 🙂


  1. notshunnaorealted says:

    “Don’t look at me. Your guy was the one who barged in and messed things up.” … and did you notice that Midorima didn’t even ONCE said something about that “YOUR guy” part? And that they were quarreling like old married couple? xD
    Sorry if my spaming about their 99% of canon relationship is annoying you xD


    • grimmfeather says:

      The original Japanese for the “your guy” line was 「オマエんとこの」and 「オメーのところのヤツ」, which literally mean “the guy from ‘your’ place (Shuutoku)”, i.e., “your teammate”. That said, Kagami seems to be referring specifically to the association between Midorima and Takao, as if Midorima should somehow take responsibility for what happened, which is why I chose to translate it the way I did. XD

      They certainly have the old married couple act down pat. There are a couple of Shuutoku events coming up in the game that I think you’ll enjoy. 😉

      Thanks for your comment, as always! Reading people’s comments is part of the fun for me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • notshunnaorealted says:

        Ufff, then I’m happy that I didn’t bother you with my chatting xD
        I wish I knew Japaneese so I could at least read all those Midorima and Takao moments (care to translate them? *shining eyes like Cat from Shrek* LOL) but I don’t know it and I’m too old to start learning xD
        Well, if he said it that way then it still seems to be “YOUR guy” without any pun to the team LOL
        And it’s really good that there is someone like you who translates just for fun and shares it with us. Really, thank you >.<


        • grimmfeather says:

          Nope, it’s not a bother at all. 🙂

          Haha, I don’t think it’s ever too late to start learning another language, but I’ll definitely keep translating! It’s great Japanese practice for me, and I want everyone to be able to enjoy the game.

          Thanks for such a kind comment. (^▽^)


  2. Infinite Skye says:

    OMG thank you so much for posting up the translations, I LOVE how even in the game, they have such awesome interactions with each other!! ❤ I am so grateful that you decided to translate this and hope that you will continue to do so!


  3. Guest says:

    I for one, have started to just for fun imagine girls from other animes who’d be suitable to the characters in knb…..when i thought of Kuroko , honoka from Pretty cure came up in my mind….the same happened when I thought of akashi…..creepy xD


  4. Guest says:

    just for the sake of this being more understandable, honokas description :
    “Honoka is a gentle, understanding girl who always put others before herself. She is very smart, even being called the “The Queen of Knowledge (知識の女王 Chishiki no joō?)”, “The Queen of Intelligence (知性の女王 Chisei no joō?)” or “The Queen of Wisdom (叡智の女王 Eichi no joō?)” by her classmates, and often uses this to help people. However, Honoka may also be quite strict, and when she thinks someone has not done all of their work, she’ll force them to do it. She is, however, doing this because she cares. Although she is the crush of almost every boy in school, she is not interested in most of them, but she has shown to care very much for some boys, namely Fujimura Shougo, her childhood friend, and Kiriya, a new boy at school who she is helping understand people’s feelings.”

    even this might not give a clear picture if not seen the anime xD


  5. ecto says:

    thank you so much for these translations. the midotaka ones really put a smile on my face:) do you know where we can actually watch/hear the game? i really wanna hear the scene where shuutoku plays with their food, it’s so funny!


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