[translation]「ハルの看病奮闘記」”Tsuritama” Drama CD, Track 5/5 (Complete)

「ハルの看病奮闘記」- “Haru’s Chronicle of Do-or-Die First Aid”
“Tsuritama” Drama CD, Track 5/5 (4:08)

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Natsuki: “You’re still a hundred years too early to be making a pass at Sakura!”

[Track 4 translation here]

– – –


[The thrilling conclusion! Numbers in parentheses correspond to translation notes at the bottom of the page.]

[Track 5]

[sounds of cooking]

Yuki [monologue]: I’m in a pickle. I’ve been in many such situations since I came to Enoshima, but this takes the cake.

Y: Alright. Ha-Haru! Breakfast is ready!

Haru: Hello, Yuki! I have finished watering the flowers in the garden.

Y: Uh, yeah. Thanks.

H: You’re most welcome. Same to you; thank you for making my morning meal.

Y: N-no problem…

H: I’m in a pickle. I have no idea what to do! Haru’s acting really weird!

– –

[Yuki and Haru walk in to town]

Natsuki: Hey, Haru, Yuki.

Y: Oh, Natsuki!

H: Good morning! What a beautiful morning!

N: Haru…? Why are you talking like that?

H: It must be your imagination. I’m perfectly fine.

N: No, you’re definitely acting weird.

H: No, nothing of the sort! What wonderful weather we’re having! There’s not a cloud in sight, and I feel as if I could melt right into that endless blue sky.

N: “Melt into the…endless blue sky”…? [aside to Yuki] Oi, Yuki, what happened to him?

Y: I haven’t the faintest idea! He’s been acting this way all morning…

N: Did he eat something strange?

Y: Eh? Ah… Last night for dinner, I had rice gruel, and Haru ate rice and salmon, like usual…

H: What might you two be talking about?

Y: Ehh?! N-nothing!

N: Y-yeah, it’s nothing!

H: Really? Ah, Yuki, since you only just recently recovered from your cold, I suggest that you avoid too much exposure to the sea breeze.

Y: Ah… Yeah, you’re right.

H: Moreover, Natsuki-kun—

N: “-kun”?!

H: I would like to invite Sakura-san on a date today. Is that quite alright?

N: Are you crazy?!

H: Whatever do you mean? Before I start courting her, I need to receive permission from her honored elder brother. (1)

Y: “Courting”?! “Honored elder brother”?! Haru, what the heck’s wrong with you?

H: What do you mean? This is the way I always am! Ahahaha! Heehee!

N: Oi, what’s going on?!

[Koko appears and walks toward them]

Koko: Hey there! Whatcha doin’?

H: Koko! Haru’s acting really weird!

K: Nii-chan is…?

H: You are all being extremely rude. I’m sparkling brilliantly, like I always do!

K: Ahaha! That’s an easy fix!

Y: How so…?

K: Nii-chan, c’mere for a sec.

H: If I must. Even if you are my younger sister, it’s unthinkable to deny a request from a lady. [walks to Koko] Is this where you’d like me?

K: Perfect, perfect! [fires up a punch] Take thaaaat!

Y: Ehhhhh?!

N: Hey, hold on— What the heck do you think you’re doing, punching your brother like that?!

K: Silly, how else d’ya intend to fix him? Geez, he went an’ caught one of those Earth viruses. What’s the world coming to?

N: What?

Y: A virus?

K: ‘S what you earthlings call a “cold”.

N: You mean he…caught Yuki’s cold?

Y: No way…!

H: Huh? How did I get here? Eh? Koko? Yuki? Natsuki?

Y: Ha-Haru…? Are you back to normal?

H: What do you mean, “back to normal”?

N: You sure like to cause trouble for other people.

H: Eh? What’s up? What happened?

N: Well, basically…

N&Y: Don’t ever catch a cold again!

N: You’re still a hundred years too early to be making a pass at Sakura!

Y: Honestly…! You just took a few years off my life!

[Yuki and Natsuki start to walk away while ignoring Haru]

H: Eh? What does that mean?

N: Man, I can’t believe him…

H: Ne, ne, Yuki~! [continues in the background]

Y: Yeah, me neither!

H: Natsuki~!

N: Yeah. C’mon, let’s go fishing.

Y: Sure, let’s go.

H: What? What’s up? You’re going fishing? I’m going, too!

[End of Track 5]

[End of CD]

– – –

Translation Notes:

(1) 「お兄様」= “onii-sama” = an extremely formal address for an elder brother

– – –

I had an absolute blast translating this CD. ♥ The seiyuu did an outstanding job, and their comedic timing was spot on. I hope there’s another CD in the works!

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