[translation]「ハルの看病奮闘記」”Tsuritama” Drama CD, Track 4/5

「ハルの看病奮闘記」- “Haru’s Chronicle of Do-or-Die First Aid”
“Tsuritama” Drama CD, Track 4/5 (3:56)

Haru: “Right now, see, Yuki’s recovering from a cold!”

Natsuki: “Then why the hell is there tuna on his head?!”

[Track 3 translation here]

– – –


[In which Natsuki is an adorable mother hen. Yuki’s thoughts are conveyed in parentheses. Numbers in parentheses correspond to translation notes at the bottom of the page.]

[Track 4]

[doorbell rings]

Natsuki: I guess he’s not at home. He won’t pick up his phone, either. What do you want to do, Sakura?

Sakura: We finally managed to find our old kite, so I really wanted to fly it with him, but if he’s not here…

[Haru comes to the door]

Haru: Hello, hello~! Huh? Natsuki! Sakura!

N: Yo! Is Yuki home?

H: Yep! Come on in!

N: So he’s here after all. Isn’t that great, Sakura?

S: Yeah!

– –

[in Yuki’s room]

N: …or not! This is awful! What the heck is going on in here?!

H: Right now, see, Yuki’s recovering from a cold!

N: Then why the hell is there tuna on his head?!

H: It’s a specialized treatment!

N: That’s news to me…

[door opens]

Tamocchan: Oh, Haru! That’s where you were.

S: Dad, why are you here?

T: I heard that Yuki-kun was frying food, so I thought I’d bring him some whitebait! Whitebait’s delicious if you fry it up with some oysters!

N: What the heck, “fried food”? That’s not what he needs right now—

Misaki: Hey there! Yuki-kun, I came to try some of your takoyaki~! …um, huh?

N: Misaki-nee!

S: “Takoyaki”…?

Erika: The door was open, so I just let myself in… How is he doing?

N: Erika!

[Yuki wakes up]

H: Ah! Yuki! You awake?

Yuki: Ha…ru…

N: Yikes, sounds like he’s got a hoarse throat.

Y: Na-Natsu…

N: Don’t force yourself. It must be painful.

S: Yuki-san, do you want some water?

T: Hold on, this has nothing to do with fried food. Rather, Yuki-kun has a fever!

M: What a shock! How did I mistake that for something about takoyaki?

E: Yuki-kun, I made some rice gruel for you (1), but do you feel up to eating it?

Y: (Eh… Ah… Why is everybody…?)

H: Waah, Yuki’s surprised!

N: Well, that’s only natural.

H: You see, everybody came to visit you!

Y: (To visit…? Me?)

N: Yuki, for the moment, do you think you can eat some of this? Erika made it, so it’s probably nothing special, but you need to eat something nourishing.

E: Hey, what do you mean by that?

[Natsuki and  Erika start arguing]

Y: (Am I still asleep…?)

E: I know for a fact that it tastes good!

Y: (There’s a bunch of people in my room…)

N: Maybe it would be better if I made a new batch.

E: Take that back!

Y: (To think that all these people…were worried about me…)

T: Oh, that’s right! If you don’t like rice gruel, then I’ll make some eggnog for ya!

S: My dad’s eggnog is out of this world!

M: Had I known, I would have gone to buy ingredients.

Y [monologue]: I thought to myself, “If this is a dream, then I don’t want to wake up. If I’m having this dream because of the fever, then I don’t want my fever to go down.”

H: Yuki?

Y: Th-thanks for the food…

E: Sure, eat up!

Y [monologue]: Then I thought, “But I want to get well soon. I want to get well so I can thank all of them.” And then—

[Yuki takes a bite…and nearly dies]

Y [monologue]: But that first bite of rice gruel…brought me back to reality. And it didn’t pull any punches.

H: Yuki, what’s wrong?! You look like you’re in a lot of pain!

N: No way… [takes a bite and chokes] Geh—! Erika…you put Tabasco sauce in this, didn’t you?!

E: Yeah! Rice gruel is pretty bland, so I wanted to enhance the flavor!

M: Ahh, Sakura-chan, quick, give him some water!

S: Yes!

H: Ahh, what do we do?!

[scene erupts into chaos]

[End of Track 4]

– – –

Translation Notes:

(1) 「おかい」= “okai” is a type of rice gruel or porridge that can be made by boiling rice in tea. People usually eat it when they’re sick, just like chicken soup.

Stay tuned for track 5!

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