[translation]「ハルの看病奮闘記」”Tsuritama” Drama CD, Track 2/5

「ハルの看病奮闘記」- “Haru’s Chronicle of Do-or-Die First Aid”
“Tsuritama” Drama CD, Track 2/5 (8:31)

Akira: “How? How did you decipher that? The Japanese…are a force to be reckoned with. Continue surveillance!”

[Track 1 translation here]

– – –


[In which Haru’s misunderstanding of the phrase “caught a cold” grows to epic proportions. Numbers in parentheses correspond to translation notes at the bottom of the page. Get ready for a boatload of notes!]

[Track 2]

Sakura: Haru-chan~!

Haru: Ah, Sakura!

S&H: Haino, haino, haino!

Natsuki: You two really get along well.

H: We sure do!

S: Yep!

N: Haru, Yuki’s not with you? He didn’t go out fishing this morning.

H: Mhmm! See, Yuki’s busy pulling the wind! (1)

N: …“pulling the wind”?

S: Haru-chan, what does that mean?

H: I have no idea!

N: What—?

H: But, see, since Yuki’s busy playing tug-of-war with the wind (2), I was told to take good care of him. I left the house so I wouldn’t get in his way!

N: “Playing tug-of-war with the wind”…? Ah, you mean he’s flying a kite! (3)

H: Hm? “Flying a kite”?

S: Kite flying is pretty hard. But it’s fun if you can get the kite up high!

H: It’s hard?

N: Well, it’s easier if you’ve got a knack for it, but I had no idea Yuki was into that sort of thing.

H: Yeah! Yuki was concentrating really hard! His face got bright red!

N: Just how hard does he need to concentrate…?

– –

[back in the Duck Curry stand]

Akira: Nooo! That’s not it! What the heck?! How did the word “cold” turn into “pulling the wind” and then into “flying a kite”?! I don’t get it at all!

[Tapioca quacks]

A: That’s right. Let’s continue our surveillance.

[Tapioca quacks]

– –

[back to Haru]

H: Ah, Tamocchan!

Tamocchan: Haru! You doin’ well today?

H: Hehehe, yeah, I guess!

[Haru’s stomach growls]

T: I see your stomach’s pretty lively, too! Here, you can eat these!

H: Hm? What are they?

T: Whitebait takoyaki! (4) They’re delicious!

H: “Takoyaki”…? These are “flying a kite”?

T: No, they’re not fried. (5) What, you’d rather eat something deep fried?

H: Yeah! Yuki’s giving it his all right now!

T: Ehh, Yuki-kun likes to fry food? That’s amazing!

H: Really?

T: Yeah, there are lots of people who hate doing it since cleaning up afterward’s such a pain. Yuki-kun’s really something else! But tell him to be careful while he’s doing it, ‘kay?

H: Sure, got it! [takes a bite of the takoyaki] Delicious~! Takoyaki are delicious! I wonder if Yuki is frying takoyaki right now!

– –

[back to the Duck Curry stand]

A: What is the meaning of this? “Cold” turned into “pulling the wind”, and then “kite flying” turned into “takoyaki”…?

[Tapioca quacks]

A: “Looks delicious”?! This is why aliens are such a pain! Continue surveillance.

[Tapioca quacks]

– –

[back to Haru, who is inside Hemingway]

H: Ah, that was delicious!

Misaki: Great! I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s unusual for you to come here alone, Haru.

H: Yep! But Yuki’s super busy right now! He’s with the wind today, making difficult takoyaki!

M: Huh?

H: The wind’s flying really high, so I guess he’s using it to make takoyaki!

M: Um, would you mind saying that one more time?

[shop door opens]

Ayumi: Hey, wait a minute. I know what he means!

M: Oh, Ayumi-chan! Welcome.

Ayumi: Excuse me for a sec. Misaki-san, I’ll have my usual.

M: Sure! A cup of piping hot black tea, right?

H: You understood, Ayumi-chan?

Ayumi: Yeah, I got this. If you ask me, it’s as simple and effortless as making chazuke! (6)

H: “As simple as making chazuke”…?

Ayumi: Yeah, it’s like that, you know? Your friend wants to open a food stall, right? (7)

H: “Food stall”?

M: Oh, so that’s what he meant! Way to go, Ayumi-chan!

Ayumi: Oh, um, gimme a second. [rushes out the door] Sweet! I did it!

M: But what do you mean, “he’s with the wind”?

[Ayumi rushes back in, panting]

Ayumi: J-just leave that to me. You mean that he wants to make delicious takoyaki, but it’s turning out to be pretty difficult, just as if he were being buffeted by the wind?

M: Oh, I get it! Way to go, Ayumi-chan!

Ayumi: Oh, um, gimme a second. [rushes out the door] Sweet! I did it! Again!

M: I see, so Yuki-kun is pretty good at making takoyaki? If he opens a food stall at the next festival, I’ll definitely have to go try them!

H: Ne, ne, what’s a “food stall”?

M: Ah, well, you could say it’s like a small, portable store, I guess. If Yuki-kun is opening a takoyaki stand, then you’ve got to do your best to help out, okay?

H: Yeah! Sure thing! I see, so Yuki wants to open a food stall. I had no idea!

– –

[back to the Duck Curry stand]

A: Yeah, me neither! Fine, then! But there’s something more urgent that you need to understand! This is giving me a headache!

[Tapioca quacks]

A: I know, I know! Continue surveillance!

– –

[back to Haru; cue Enoshima dance music at the shrine]

Erika: Huh? Haru-kun, you came by yourself today?

H: Yep! Erika, those clothes are totally cute!

E: Hehe, thanks! These are the traditional clothes of a miko. (8)

H: Yeah? Ne, ne, ne, ne, when is the festival?

E: Hm? The festival?

H: See, Yuki said he wants to open a food stall and sell takoyaki!

E: Oh? That’s surprising. I didn’t think he was interested in stuff like that.

H: Really? Yuki always gives it his all!

E: Yeah? Is he good at making takoyaki?

H: No idea! But he’s trying really hard!

E: I think it might be difficult to run a food stall based solely on effort…

Heihachi: What’s up?

E: Ah, Grandpa!

H: Hello~!

Heihachi: Yo! Ah, that’s “yo” to the miko! (9) [giggles]

E: Eheheh…

H: “Yo” to the miko! Yay!

Heihachi: “Yay” is “yaaay”! “Hey” is “heeey”! Then “ya” is like “yaaa”…eheheh!

[Haru and Heihachi giggling]

E: [sighs] Grandpa, this conversation’s going nowhere… You know, there’s this guy in my class who wants to open a food stall at the festival.

Heihachi: He can’t open a food stall if he plans on selling something. (10)

H: Eh? Really? Shock!

Heihachi: That’s the rule.

H: But Yuki’s at home, trying his best! His face is bright red, and he’s pulling the wind! He’s doing challenging kite flying, and he’s effortlessly opening a takoyaki stand! I want to cheer him on!

E: Eh? Sorry, but what the heck does that mean?

Heihachi: I see. You mean Yuki-kun caught a cold, right?

E: How did you get that?!

– –

[back to the Duck Curry stand]

A: Yeah, how the hell did you get that?!

[Tapioca quacks]

A: How? How did you decipher that? The Japanese…are a force to be reckoned with. Continue surveillance!

– –

[back to Haru at the shrine]

E: Grandpa, what do you mean?

Heihachi: It’s just like he said. Yuki caught a cold, didn’t he?

H: Yep! Yeah, somebody told me the same thing! Heihacchan, you’re amazing! I don’t know anybody else who can do that~!

Heihachi: It’s ‘cause I’m usually well attuned to the meaning of people’s words. Once you’re as good as I am, a problem like this is no sweat.

E: Eh? Why are you still here chatting, like nothing’s wrong?! Yuki-kun’s grandmother isn’t at home right now, is she? Is he alright on his own?

H: Nope! I’m with him!

E: “With him”—?! Shouldn’t you be at home with him?

H: Is it not okay for me to be here?

Heihachi: Haru, it seems like we could keep this conversation up all day, but I bet Yuki-kun is feeling ill and is laid up in bed at the moment, right?

H: “Feeling…ill”?

Heihachi: It means that he doesn’t feel well at all. He might be having a pretty hard time of it on his own.

H: Now that you mention it, Yuki did seem like he was in pain… That’s what it means to “pull the wind”? Pulling the wind is super dangerous?!

Heihachi: Well, he might be in danger if he doesn’t recover soon. If the cold takes a turn for the worse, he could even die.

E: I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration…

H: No! He can’t die! Yuki, don’t die!

[Haru runs off]

Heihachi: He’ll need rest, and I’ve heard that leeks can be effective against colds! (11)

H: Got it!

E: Does he really?

Heihachi: Sure, he’ll be fine.

[End of Track 2]

– – –

Translation Notes:

(1) 「風をひっぱってる」= “kaze wo hippatteru” = “‘pulling’ the wind”

(2) 「風をひっぱりあいこしてる」= “kaze wo hippariaiko shiteru” = “playing tug-of-war”

(3) 「凧揚げ」= “takoage” = “kite flying”

(4)  「蛸焼」= “takoyaki” = “octopus dumplings

(5) 「あげる」= “ageru” = “to fry”, as in frying fish

(6) 「お茶漬け」= “ochazuke” = “tea poured over rice”, as a meal, usually with a packet of nori flakes and seasoning. 「お茶漬けサラサラ」(“ochazuke sarasara”) is probably a reference to a marketing slogan for chazuke.

(7) 「屋台」= “yatai” = “food stall/cart”

(8) 「巫女」= “miko” = “shrine maiden

(9) I think Heihachi is making a pun on the pseudo-homonyms 「千早」(“chihaya” = “a miko’s ceremonial haori”) and 「ちは」(“chiwa”) of 「こんにちは」(“konnichiwa” = “hello”). Please correct me if I’m wrong.

(10) I’m guessing Yuki would need a license/permit to open his theoretical store. Either that, or the shrine’s festival doesn’t allow food stalls.

(11) 「ネギが利く」= “negi ga kiku” = “leeks (green onions) are effective” (This comes into play during the track 3.)

To track 3!

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