[excerpt translation]「ハルの看病奮闘記」”Tsuritama” Drama CD Demo

EDIT: I’m currently working on translating the CD and should be able to post the translation of the first track later today!

Volume 2 of “Tsuritama” is going to be released on Blu-ray and DVD on 7.25. The discs will be packaged with the series’s first drama CD. You can listen to the demo of the drama CD here on the official web site.

「ハルの看病奮闘記」- “Haru’s Chronicle of Do-or-Die First Aid”
“Tsuritama” Drama CD Demo (2:15)

“After plunging into the ocean, Yuki caught a cold.
After seeing Yuki in such a state, Haru had only one thing to say:
‘Wow! Why do you feel so hot?! That’s so cool!’
Akira, Natsuki, and the others get dragged along for the ride.
This is a chronicle of do-or-die first aid according to Haru, the self-professed alien!”


[Haru jumps onto Yuki’s bed]
Haru: Yuki, you awake?
Yuki: (I’m…gonna die… Forget the cold… Haru’s going to be the death of me…!)
H: Huh? Why won’t you get up, Yuki? Ne, ne, Yuki! C’mon, wake up—!
Y: C-cold…
H: Huh? “Goby”? You’re gonna fish for gobies?
Y: (Those words don’t sound anything alike! I said, “cold”, darn it!)
Y: C-ol…
H: Sure, gobies, got it! Let’s go—!
[Haru pulls Yuki off the bed]
Y: (No, stop! Don’t drag me! … O-ouch…)
H: Yuki! C’mon, sleepyhead! You fell out of bed ‘cause you wouldn’t get up!
Y: (And whose fault is that…?!)
H: Hm? Huh? Yuki, your hand is a lot warmer than usual!
Y: (So he finally understands—!)
H: Wow! Why is it so warm?! That’s so cool!
Y: (I spoke too soon. He doesn’t get it… Well, I never understood you either, Haru!)
[doorbell rings]
H: Oh, somebody’s here!
Y: (Saved by the bell…!)
[Yuki starts coughing]
[doorbell rings again]
Akira: Good grief. How long do you intend to make me wait before you open the door? This is precisely why big houses are such a waste.
[Tapioca quacks]
A: No, I’m not worried. I just came to give a piece of advice. This is a one-time, special exception, got it?
[door opens]
H: Hello~! Who is it~?
A: It’s me.
H: Hiiiii!
[door slams; Haru and Akira wrestle over the door]
A: Geh—! Hey, open this door!
H: Nobody’s home! There’s nobody here!
A: That couldn’t be farther from the truth!
A: Alright, fine!
H: Noooo!
A: Fine, I get it! You can keep the door shut, but listen to me! Just pretend I’m talking to myself!
A: Yuki caught a cold. Take good care of him.
[door opens]
H: Hm? He caught…a cold?

– – –

Nota bene: 1) Yuki says, 「風」(「かぜ」= “kaze” = “a cold”), which Haru hears as 「鯊」(「はぜ」= “haze” = “goby”, a family of fish).

2) Akira tells Haru, 「本当のような嘘をつくな!」(“Hontou no you na uso wo tsuku na!” [Literally, “Don’t tell lies that seem like the truth!”]) The phrase “hontou no you na uso” refers to a cultural phenomenon that describes people’s tendency to cite popular sayings without stopping to wonder what the words really mean or if they’re even true.

A Japanese blogger provided the following example: “For instance, even though we call the present time the ‘era of diversification’, in reality, this is actually the ‘era of standardization’.” The phenomenon of such “lies” and their prevalence seems to be the subject of Katsumi Akira’s book 「本当のようなウソを見抜く」(Hontou no you na uso wo minuku [Seeing Through Lies Masquerading as Truth]). Long story short, Akira is berating Haru for telling such a blatant, overused lie. (^_^;)

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