[translation] 「徒然モノクローム」by Fujifabric

「つり球」/ “Tsuritama” OP, TV Size
「徒然モノクローム」- フジファブリック
“Happy-Go-Lucky Monochrome” by Fujifabric

“Yesterday’s future keeps scrolling past, tinted in a monochrome palette…”



他のことなら気にせんが 知らず知らずに待っていた
ハニカミを残してたの 嬉しいのか 悲しいのか

なんだか 素晴らしいことだってね
モノクロームに映り 過ごした 昨日の未来は
そうだね おとぎ話のようかな
続いてくなら誰といつでも 徒然しちゃう

チョコドーナツ 気楽にかじりゃ
希望 期待 持てるでしょう
行き詰ったとこがほら それが始まりです

– – –


Hokano koto nara ki ni sen ga / Shirazu shirazu ni matteita
Hanikami wo nokoshiteta no / Ureshii no ka / Kanashii no ka

Nandaka subarashii koto datte ne
Monokuroomu ni utsuri sugoshita / Kinou no mirai ha
Souda ne / Otogibanashi no you ka na
Tsuzuiteku nara dare to itsu demo tsurezure shichau

Haruka kanata made ikimashou
Chokodoonatsu kiraku ni kajirya
Kibou kitai moteru deshou
Akirameru no ha mada hayai
Ikizumatta toko ga hora / Sore ga hajimari desu

– – –


I told myself that I couldn’t care less, but that doesn’t explain why I found myself waiting here
I guess I’m still feeling a little embarrassed / I can’t really tell: Am I happy? Or am I sad?

This somehow feels like the start of something spectacular
Yesterday’s future keeps scrolling past, tinted in a monochrome palette
Yeah, that’s right / This feels just like a fairy tale
If this keeps up, then let’s while away the hours together, just you and me, without a care in the world

Let’s fly far away, to that place somewhere off in the distance
As we snack on chocolate doughnuts, feeling carefree and at ease
You’ve got hopes and dreams of your own, right?
It’s still too early to give up
Look, you’ve already surpassed your limits—and that’s the start of something new

– – –

Nota bene: The word “tsurezure” in the title literally means “tedium”, but in this context, I think it’s best interpreted in the more positive sense of “leisure” or “having nothing to do” as conveyed in the Tsurezuregusa essays.

The kanji of the lyrics were snagged from this page.

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