[translation] “30minutes Shootin’ Star” by Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke

Let me start with the disclaimer that this song makes very little sense in Japanese and therefore probably even less sense in English. About half of it is written either in katakana or romaji in the original lyrics. Still, that’s not really the point. XD It’s a fun, upbeat song for the ending segment of the radio show; HiroC and OnoD invite the listener to take part in the show as their “co-star” and promise to keep DGS going forever. Plus, you get to hear them sing, “It’s a show time~!” multiple times, so what’s not to like?

“30minutes Shootin’ Star” – 神谷浩史 x 小野大輔
“30minutes Shootin’ Star” – Kamiya Hiroshi x Ono Daisuke

 “It’s a show time~!”

Nota bene: Italicized words are either romanized or written in katakana in the original lyrics.


(Radio jack! Are you ready? All right)

3, 2, 1, go!

Baby Baby!
Wonderful night
Ready Ready?
Beautiful night
We’ll be in perfect sync on the radio waves, like always?
The late show is on a high
Feel a very good time
We can’t hold back
Whatever it takes, we’ll do it for your sake
Feel the love and “Stay tuned!”
Get down!

You were looking up at the night sky
Where we saw a shooting star full of magic
Can you hear my voice and my pounding heart?

A hilarious hurricane night
sexy night to say, “I love you
Major success at a major event
We can’t wait for the signal to start
Another unimaginable week
What will next week be like?
It’s dangerous in the station
It’s a dynamic “Stay tuned!”
Get down!

It’s a show time~!

Once the midnight chime has sounded
We’ll be the magicians by your side
Come barefoot, just as you are; won’t you pass the time with us?

Yesterday night was melancholy and gloomy
But tomorrow night is sure to be a happy one
It’s a show time” tonight, more than ever
We’re soaring high, with big problems to solve
And you’re here as our co-star
That’s right; you’re never alone
With nonstop tension
We’ll rendezvous at the “Stay tuned!”
Get down!

See, we don’t even need an antenna
To convey this message to you
Not only with our voices, now
Since you’ll be able to come see for yourself

Please don’t cry on this radio night
We can communicate, you & I

Baby Baby! Saturday night
Ready Ready? Sunday night

You don’t have to thank us!
There’s no need to be shy
Do the music: “Good evening! ♪ ”
It’ll be, “See you next week~!” forever
Always, with this same tension
Feel the love and “Stay tuned!”
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
… Good night!


Baby Baby!
Wandafuru naito
Ready Ready?
Byuutifuru naito
Kyou mo denpa kaichou kai?
Reito shou ha hai nan da
Kanjiatte / Very good time
Jitto nanka shiterannai
Nando datte kimi no tame
Ai wo motte 「Stay tune!」da
Get down!

Kimi ga miageta yozora ni
Mahou wo kakeru no sa / Shooting star
Kikoemasu ka? / kono koe kono kodou ga

Oowaraina / harikeen naito
I love you na / sekushii naito
Daijiken de daiseikai
Aizu nante matterannai
Tonda shuu da / konshuu mo
Donna shuu da / raishuu ha?
Denjarasu wo suteeshon ni
Dainamikku na「Stay tune!」da
Get down!

Nijuu-yo ji no kane no ato mo
Kimi no soba ni iru majutsushi sa
Hadashi no mama / issho ni sugosanai ka?

Yuuutsu datta / iesutadee naito
Kitto Happy / toumoroo naito
Konban motto「It’s a show time」
Maiagatte daimondai
Kimi datte kyouensha
Sou sa zutto hitori ja nai
Nonsutoppu na tenshon de
Randebuu na「Stay tune!」da
Get down!

Antena ha iranai
Todoiteiru hazu na no sa
Koe dake ja naku / ima
Kimi ni ha mieteru hazu da

Naitenaide / Radio night
Tsuujiatte / You&I

Baby Baby! / satadee naito
Ready Ready? / sandee naito
Arigatou tte iwasenna!
Dare ga itsu dere tan da
Do the music「Konbanha ♪」
Forever ni「Mata raishuu~!」
Zutto konna tenshon de
Ai wo motte「Stay tune!」da
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
… Good night!

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