[excerpt translation] DGS4LO Audio Commentary Excerpt: Tsundere Kamiya

In which a classically tsundere Kamiya is a little envious of Ono’s birthday celebrations. I remember hearing Ono once say,「神谷さんのツンデレのデレの部分がもっと出てきますように」(“in order that/I hope that the dere side of Kamiya’s tsundere personality will be evident more often”), with which I wholeheartedly agree. It’s cute. (Poor Kamiya, getting thrown out of his own house on a cold January night so that everybody else could prep for the men’s maid cafe. XD I wonder how he enjoyed his birthday celebration in Okinawa this year.)

“DGS 4LoversOnly” Event DVD
Disc 2, Audio Commentary
(starts at 35:08, during the seitansai segment)
“You can tell just by watching the videos that I don’t look happy at all…”

Nota bene: Between Kamiya, Ono, and Taiten talking on stage and Kamiya, Ono, Suwa, and Uchi-P talking in the commentary, it was sometimes difficult to hear what was being said, but I did my best. Let me know if you think you’ve found a mistake.


[OnoD’s gigantic cake has been brought out on stage.]
HiroC: This is a really moving scene, isn’t it?
[OnoD blows out all the candles with one breath.]
C: As expected of a seiyuu.
Suwa: That’s the moment everyone thought, “Wow, seiyuu are really amazing!”
OnoD: I tried really hard.
Uchi-P: But it doesn’t happen often that a person is wished a happy birthday by so many people.
C: That’s true.
D: It’s something that might only happen once in a lifetime. For a birthday.
P: Yeah, for a birthday.
D: This will probably only happen once.
K: And it’s being videotaped, too. That’s happened for two of your birthdays in a row.
D: It’s like a tradition now.
C: Two consecutive years, in your case.
S: It seems like it has turned into a really complicated situation.
C: Both your 32nd and 33rd birthdays have been filmed so that the footage could be released for sale later.
D: But Kamiya-san’s [birthdays] have also been…
C: Sure, mine are shown in here a little bit, but…
S: They’re on both of the DVDs. [The DGS4LO video was sold as a set of 2 discs.]
C: They are.
D: They are, they are.
C: The time we did the manzai is in there, of course.
S: And the “hustle-hustle” time is in there, too.
D: That’s right.
C: That’s right; that’s in there, too.
S: And the first year we did an event for your birthday was the one in your house…
C: I mean, it’s in there, but—
S: So they’re all in there.
C: Hey, hey, do you think I’m an idiot?
D: Memories.
C: None of those made me happy.
D: Memories, memories.
C: Hurry up and realize that.
[more laughter]
D: Uh oh.
C: Just think about it. You can tell just by watching [the video] that I wasn’t happy at all.
D: I guess…
C: You even took video, so you can tell just by watching. I was not happy at all.
D: Memor—
All: You’re getting worked up.
C: I am not getting worked up!
D: What are you getting all defensive about…?
C: Ono-kun, you can tell that you’re seriously happy just by watching this. Anybody could tell that you’re really happy.
D: I was really happy.
C: Right? And that’s what I’m trying to say…
D: Yeah, I was really happy.
C: Right. But you can tell just by watching my videos that I don’t look very happy at all. And I would know!
D: You’re getting worked up over nothing!
C: I am not!
S: But everybody came over to your house to have fun!
C: You did, you did, you did.
D: That’s right. Party, party.
[pouting]: Yeah, but rather than wishing me a happy birthday… It was a really cold night in January, and I was told, “Get out of the house with Chanko, please, because we have to get ready.” Basically, I was thrown out.
D: Was that how it was?
C: So we went to the nearest convenience store and, you know, ate manjuu
[high, patient voice, as if speaking to a child]: And how was the manjuu that you ate at the convenience store near your house?
[mumbling]: It was a nikuman
D: Wasn’t it good?
C: And I bought one for Chanko—
D: It was good, wasn’t it?
S: Well, next year is going to be something unimaginably fantastic.
C: When I turn 37? Really?
D: That’s right.
S: Really.
D: It’s going to be great.
S: Huh, but we plan Kamiya-san’s birthdays based on your own orders.
[high voice again]: That’s right! That’s right!
C: Oh, I see. So it’s like I should take responsibility for all of this.
D: That’s right! It’s basically like you choose a present from a catalogue, and then we give it to you.
D: It’s that kind of system.
C: Oh, a system like that? I see, I see.
[They all realize that OnoD’s birthday event is ending on the DVD.]

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