[translation] Durarara!!: Heiwajima Shizuo’s Special Voice, Track 1: “平和島静雄のSpecial Voice”

Here’s a translation of the brief “Special Voice” track from Shizuo’s (Ono Daisuke’s) cover of that enka song from the 3rd Durarara!! DVD. I translated this back in 2010.

“No annoying customers, great weather, and nothing to do…”

Shizuo and Celty are enjoying a quiet moment (and Shizuo’s one-sided conversation).


“Days like this are the greatest, aren’t they? No annoying customers, great weather, and nothing to do. . . It’s wonderful, don’t you think?”

“. . .”

“That’s for sure.”

“. . .”

“You know, if it were possible, I’d. . .much rather live in the country than in a hectic city like this. I want to live someplace where I can see trees and shrines instead of buildings, where I’ll run into bears and deer instead of guys that piss me off.

“But. . .it’s just an impossible dream right now, I guess. I’m obligated to Tom-san, after all. And anyway. . .until that bastard Izaya breathes his last, there’s no way the sun will shine in Ikebukuro. He just doesn’t know when to quit, does he? Someday, I’ll definitely—

“Hey. . . That’s Izaya over there, isn’t it?! This is the absolute worst! Him dropping by just to spoil a day like this. . . And here I thought he’d finally given up, since it’d been so long. . .!

“See ya, Celty. I’ve got a little garbage collecting to do.”

“. . .”

“Don’t worry. I’ll just be cleaning up a piece of trash!

“Why the hell did you come back here, hmm?! Iiiizaaayaaa-kun!

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