[excerpt translation] “Moegaku! ~Moe Koi Gakuen Seitokai Shikkoubou~”「モエガク!~萌恋学園生徒会執行棒~」

Ono Daisuke and Kamiya Hiroshi are seriously going to be the death of me. (At least I’ll die happy.) I would love to translate the entirety of this CD sometime.

Listen to the accompanying audio on my tumblr post here.

From the comedy drama CD 「モエガク!」, in which Ono Daisuke (Kakeru, the vice president), Kamiya Hiroshi (Yayoi, the accountant), Fukuyama Jun (Rihito, the president), and Hosoya Yoshimasa (Banri, the secretary and Rihito’s butler) play the members of Moe Koi Gakuen’s student council.

“It’s not that I don’t want your waffles…”

Kamiya: “And anyway, kaichou, how many times do I have to tell you not to use the student council room as a tea salon…?”

Ono: “Oh, that reminds me. Do you want something to eat with your tea? I just baked these this morning.”

Fukuyama: “Oh, waffles, waffles!”

Hosoya: “They look delicious. As expected of Momose-senpai, the buchou of the home economics club.”

Kamiya: “Don’t flatter the president, Kakeru! It’ll only go to his head.”

Fukuyama: “Aw, let me off the hook! Here, Yayoi-chan, have some. Say, ‘Ahh’—”

Kamiya: “Stop it! And don’t add ‘chan’ to my name.”

Ono: “Ehh? You won’t eat any, Yayoi? Even though I went through all the trouble to make them…”

Kamiya: “It’s not like that. It’s not that I don’t want your waffles.”

Ono: “He shifted from ‘tsun’ to ‘dere’!”

15 thoughts on “[excerpt translation] “Moegaku! ~Moe Koi Gakuen Seitokai Shikkoubou~”「モエガク!~萌恋学園生徒会執行棒~」

  1. tomrules10 says:

    Is there anyway I could download the video you have featured on your tumblr? I also really love it when my favorite seiyuu get together.
    Arigatou Gozaimasu


  2. tomrules10 says:

    Grimmfeather-san: You have always responded to my comments/questions. Mou ichido iu-Doumo arigatou gozaimashita. Watashi wa omae to aite hontou ni yokatta.
    If there is anything you would ever like to ask me (ex. about my corner of the world) or if there is any way I could ever help you, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll try my best to do whatever is in my power to assist you.

    P.S Moushiwake arimasen-I never asked you who your favorite character is in Kuroko no Basuke or what your favorite songs are? Would you like to share? Furthermore, a brain teaser: if you refer to juice boxes, do use Japanese native numbers as counters or hai, the counter for liquids. Also, don’t you just love the DO+JF+HK combo? I’m sure you’ve seen DRRR!!! but what about Working!!?
    Let me know about the video on your Tumblr. I only caught a glimpse of it, but was that DO rolling across the floor!!? Warawazu ni wa irarenakatta!!!


    • grimmfeather says:

      Kocchi koso anata ni aete yokatta to omou yo. 😀
      Thanks very much! I appreciate that. What do you like about living in Pakistan? I’ve never had the chance to travel there.

      I like almost everyone from KnB, since Fujimaki-sensei does such a wonderful job of creating unique, interesting characters, and the seiyuu really bring them to life. If I had to pick favorites, though, I’d say Kagami, Kuroko, Murasakibara, Takao, Midorima, Imayoshi, and Kiyoshi…which is quite a few, haha. Who are your favorites?
      As far as music goes, I mostly listen to rock, alternative rock, EDM, or anime songs–anything with a good beat, since I usually listen to music when I’m out running. What do you like to listen to?

      For the counters: it’s usually “hon” if it’s in a box or bottle and “hai” if it’s served in a glass, but you can also use “hitotsu”, “futatsu”, etc. (= “juusu ga futatsu”). That’s a tricky one. XD

      Durarara!! is what turned me on to HiroC and OnoD (and their radio show), so of course I couldn’t pass up Working!! The seiyuu events for both series are hilarious.


  3. tomrules10 says:

    Grimmfeather-san: I am so glad I rechecked this page today. First of all, it says 9:39 pm on your post. Is that your time? In Lahore, Pakistan it is now 7:15 am.
    It is really difficult to answer what I like best about Pakistan. I have never been anywhere else, so I have nothing to compare it to. Nevertheless, I think the best things would be the different varieties of food that are available; also, I really feel grateful that most media on Internet (ex. movies, anime, music) are pretty much readily available. If you would like to travel here, please make sure you come in the cooler and drier months; right now, it is so hot and the load shedding is unbearable (let me know; I would love to show you around!!).
    I really like all of them as well plus Aomine, mostly because I feel the most similar to him. It’s not that I am stuck up or proud; it’s just that I know what it’s like to be different from others and how much you want to find someone who will be understand and communicate with you.
    Sumimasen, EDM tte nan desu ka? I love American music, mostly from the 80s and 90s-the latest songs are a little too extreme for me (although I like Katy Perry, “Classic”, and “Monster”-I’m sure you can get a range of the songs I like. You know I love anime songs as well; since I don’t understand the lyrics without a translation, the music and beat have to capture me immediately. I even like good theme songs from cartoons (ex. “wherever you are” from the anime Winnie the Pooh’s Most Grand Adventure and the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Theme Song. Please don’t think that I am a baby!!
    Finally, that question about the counters was driving me nuts!! Thanks so much for answering it.
    Nanika shitsumon aru? Please don’t hesitate to ask.
    Sincerely, Bashiek

    P.S. Please do not think I am a boy from my account name. I’m a girl!!


    • grimmfeather says:

      I apologize; I was only able to find it on Chinese sites. However, I just discovered that you can watch the segment with the scenes that were on my Tumblr on YouTube here. Let me know if that works!


      • tomrules10 says:

        Dear Grimmfeather-san:
        O-hisashiburi desu. O-genki de irrasshaimasu ka. Nagai aida go busata shite orimashite moushiwake arimasen. (Totemo isogashikatta desu. Saikin bata bata shitete. Totemo hazukashikatta desu. Yurushite kudasai.)
        Mazu watashi wa baka desu. Watashi wa toshi ni sunde imasu. Anata wa yama no hou ga ii n desu kedo, natsu ni kite kudasai.
        Tsugini kiki wasuremashita ga. If you would like to try a new form of cultural entertainment, please allow me to be your guide through the world of Indian cinema. Dekireba kara, anata wa takusan jikan ga arimasu. Anata sae yokereba, kono kangae o dou omoimasu ka?
        If you remember, we were talking about the kinds of music we like. Soundtrack (eiga to anime) o kiku koto ga suki desu. Tatoeba, kiite kudasai: “To the Stars” de Dragonheart. Also, a major religious season just passed in Pakistan. Music akin to hymns and gospel music was played a lot. If you .are interested, beside the local talent, you can listen to Sami Yusuf’s songs (he sings mostly in English and Arabic).
        Any songs that you would like to recommend that are must hears (anime or otherwise); furthermore, did you notice anime songs that are sung ain English? Ex. Deadman Wonderland Opening (I love DO’s acting in this show), “Reluctant Heroes” from the Attack on Titan OST, and “Out of Control” (Psycho Pass Opening 2)
        I also like Shuzou Nijimura; wonder who they will cast to play him?
        Saigoni kansha shimasu. Kokoro no soko kara gomenasai.
        O-karada o taisetsu ni.
        Sincerely, Bashiek

        P.S Amerika-jin naraba, shichigatsu no yokka omedetou gozaimasu!!! (Better late then never) Also, I will check out the link and let you know.
        Are there any Pakistani/Indian resteraunts where you live? Yatte kudasai; tabemono o suki desu oshiete kudasai!! (As always, feel free to correct my mistakes)


        • grimmfeather says:

          Hisashiburi! Genki ni shiteru yo. Bashiek-san wa?

          Ii uta wo osusume kurete arigatou. ^^ Some of my favorite groups for soundtrack music are Two Steps from Hell, Audiomachine, and Brand X Music. As for anime songs, I’m loving the Barakamon, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, and Free! OPs right now. Yeah, English songs definitely seem to be on trend in Japan right now.

          There are actually quite a few Pakistani/Indian restaurants where I live, since it’s a very international community. Do you have any recommendations for foods I should try? I’ve loved everything I’ve had so far.

          Ohenji wo matteimasu~!


  4. tomrules10 says:

    Dear Grimmfeather-san:
    Sassoku o henji itadaite arigatou gozaimasu. Genki desu. Arigatou gozaimasu.
    I would love for you to try Chicken Karahi, Chicken or Mutton Biryani with Palak/Saag (depending on what they prefer to serve), Chicken Kebab, and Chicken Boti. Unless you have a light stomach, ask them to really make the Chicken Karahi spicy. Please ask them not to forget the chutnies and salads that can be served with these dishes. Do you have any preferences?
    Also, if you’ve seen The Avengers, if you remember the scene after Iron Man wakes up after falling through the worm hole, he mentions wanting to eat a shwarma. Try this as well; I still remember when it became popular here around 15 years ago how the boys in my class would only eat one thing for lunch!!!
    If you don’t mind my asking, does “Words Across the Ocean” have a double entendre?
    1. You want your words to reach across the ocean (ex. to me in Pakistan)
    2. You are translating things from Japan (across the ocean from where you are)
    I’d appreciate your thoughts.



    • grimmfeather says:

      Thanks very much for the recommendations! I can’t wait to try some of them. I actually love spicy food. XD

      Yes, I remember that scene from The Avengers. My friends and I have wanted to try shawarma ever since!

      You’re the first person to ever ask me about the meaning of the site’s name. 😀 And yes, it is intended to be a double entendre. The basic idea behind it was to use words to connect people around the world. To me, that’s a critical component of what makes translating meaningful.

      Thanks for your comment!



  5. tomrules10 says:

    Dear Grimmfeather-san:
    I am glad that just like me you love spicy food! I also wanted to ask if you like desserts? I would be willing to recommend some if you are interested. Furthermore, just like every country/culture, Pakistan also has its own breakfast style. If they serve that too, let me know. I’ll tell you about two dishes that are usually eaten. At home, though, you can try making lassi-one cup yoghurt, half a cup of milk, and sugar to taste. Blend it together until it is uniform. This is usually drunk in the heat of summer in the mornings; sugar is changed to salt for lunch during these sweltering months as well.
    I am happy that you are happy that I asked about the site name.
    I am actually acquainted with FREE because my other imouto likes Mamoru Miyano-san. I going to check out the other shows as well. Currently, I am listening to the new Kuroshitsuji opening and latest Naruto ending. Although I have no idea what they are saying (waiting for the lyrics to come out), I think the songs are great. Also, you have given me some great information. My sisters and I had always loved the music in various trailers, but we never knew they came from different companies. Thanks so much for this info.
    Saigoni, sakaa ga suki desu ka? Waarudo Kappu o mimashita ka? Fun Fact: All the soccer balls used in the World Cup since at least the late 70s have come from Sialkot, Pakistan!!


  6. tomrules10 says:

    Dear Grimmfeather-san:
    Ikaga deshita ka? Know you must be busy, but I have a quick question.
    Just to clarify, iru is a Group 1 verb and the stem would be(i-) making it an ichidan verb.
    Thanks so much for your help. I got the video and really enjoyed it. It’s the first time I saw such a video with all the seiyuu in it. Is it just me or was Daisuke-san really shy around the female cast?



    • grimmfeather says:

      Genki ni shiteimasu ka? Sorry for the late reply; things have been very busy lately. ^^

      When it means “to be or exist” (居る), iru is conjugated as an ichidan verb. “Inu ga imasu” = “There is a dog.”
      When it means “to need” (要る) or “to go in” (入る), iru is conjugated as a godan verb. “Kane ga irimasu” = “I need money.”

      I’m glad you finally got to see the video! Yeah, Ono-san is always really goofy around Kamiya-san, since they’ve hosted a radio show together since 2007. 😀


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